GIT Podcast #008 – Buying Storage Bins: Cart Before Horse?

GIT Podcast #008 – Buying Storage Bins: Cart Before Horse?

GIT PodcastWhen it comes to buying storage bins it would seem that we are putting the cart before the horse. Especially when people think that all you need to do to be organized is to buy some bins. That can not be any further from the truth. The first thing anyone should do before going out and getting bins is to clear the clutter. Listen to this weeks podcast to learn how to come up with a plan.



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2 Responses to GIT Podcast #008 – Buying Storage Bins: Cart Before Horse?

  1. I totally agree with the article – buying storage bins does not solve the issue of organizing your space. The very first step is to sort through your things and keep only those that you actually need. It is always about minimizing your stuff before you put these into storage. Although it is good for the self storage business, but we want people to store items at the facility that are valuable and important. Chances are, if these are not valuable or important, they will eventually forget and we end up with junk to throw (which costs us money, too!). Hence, I would always suggest – sort, throw, keep and store.

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