My Favorite Tech Tools: Google Authenticator App

My Favorite Tech Tools: Google Authenticator App

One of my favorite tech tools that I use is the Google Authenticator app. The Google Authenticator app is a great app for generating 2 Step verification codes. This second layer of security will protect your various accounts from being highjacked. IOS and Android versions available. – #TechChat’s are weekly trainings in the Digitally You with Samantha Facebook Community designed to help entrepreneurs & small business owners learn new ways to be productive in business, how to use the latest apps and organization tips.

Check out the video below to learn why I love it.

Save System Resources & Productivity With This Chrome Extension

Save System Resources & Productivity With This Chrome Extension


I currently have over 66 tabs on 3 different Chrome browser windows. This led to me having crashes and sluggish performance before I found the Great Suspender extension in the Chrome web store. If you are like me and want to stop having your browser crash, freeze or worse yet become sluggish install this extension now.

What I Love About It

  • Frees up system resources – RAM (Memory) and CPU usage.
  • Stops Chrome from crashing and freezing
  • You can automatically suspend tabs
  • You can tell it for how long you want to suspend a tab or if you don’t want it suspended at all
  • Even when your browser closes out completely the suspended tabs come back up on reboot


Where You Can Get The Great Suspender

My Top 3 Productivity Hacks Roundup

My Top 3 Productivity Hacks Roundup

Last week I participated in the #PeriHustleChallenge where I had to scope for a week straight. Since my focus this month is about Procrastination I wanted to share some productivity hacks that you can use in your social media, email and content to be more productive. Below is my best hacks for dealing with your email, dealing with cranking out content for your business blog, and dealing with social media. Make sure that you listen to each one because there are some great tips in there that you can implement immediately and see results.

And now to the hacks!

1. Social Media & Productivity

Social networks can help you nurture relationships with your community and grow your business. They can also help you stay on the cutting edge of your industry and give you a way to communicate in real time.

But the downside of using social networks is that they can become a time suck. You may have logged on to just post one update and found yourself still browsing three hours later.

Social media is too valuable a tool for most small business owners to stop using. But that doesn’t mean you have to be consumed by it. You can learn how to manage your social accounts more effectively by following these social networking productivity tips. Listen in!


2. Content Productivity

You want to create content that is valuable. Your content should be helpful to your community while making your business shine. But creating quality content takes time. If you struggle with content creation, it may take you hours to write a simple blog post or article. You dread each creation session because you know it’ll be hours before you’re done.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to spend hours agonizing over each piece of content that you create. In fact, if you follow a few basic content productivity tasks, you’ll shave hours off the creation process and may even grow to enjoy it. Listen in!

3. Email Productivity

Email is a great way to connect with your community and stay in touch with them. But just like every other business tool, you have to know how to use email properly or it can easily consume your days.

Many business owners have difficulty managing their inboxes. As a result, they stayed buried under an avalanche of ever growing messages. If that describes you, then consider trying some of these email hacks. Listen in!

GIT Podcast #021 – Are You Answering The Right Question? Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome

GIT Podcast #021 – Are You Answering The Right Question? Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome


It’s a new year and time to evaluate some of the systems you have been using. In this month’s podcast I discuss whether or not you are asking and answering yourself the right question when it comes to getting a new app or implementing a new piece of software or system for your business and how this helps you avoid the trap of the bright shiny object syndrome.  Listen in!

Show Notes:

Don’t fall for “shiny object” syndrome! Focus on what problem does this solve for me right now in my business that this can help NOW.

  • Ask yourself “What can I use this app or software for right now?”









My Favorite Tech Tools: Evernote

My Favorite Tech Tools: Evernote

I want to share with you another of my favorite tools for being productive. That is Evernote.

Evernote is literally my electronic brain. I keep so many things in Evernote. I mainly use it for personal items, research, and business. I like to keep things like picture of my license plate or my library card in there. Those things you need when you are out and about and need the info quickly. I scan in my kids paperwork from school. I keep client files and notes in there. I keep clippings from websites and any research that I am doing in there.

There are so many things you can put into Evernote and do with Evernote. You may get overwhelmed with all of the possibilities, but don’t. I held a workshop on October 22, 2015 where I shared how to use Evernote and set up a custom file system for your life and business. You can grab the replay by clicking the button below. I shared and demonstrated for almost 2 hours.

Get The Replay!

If you have been wondering about that green and grey elephant on your phone or tablet then you need to get in my class.

Listen below as I share with you other ways that I use Evernote to be productive.

If you don’t have the app you can get it on Apple or Android. You can also get Scannable to scan in documents.

My Favorite Tech Tools: Vcita

My Favorite Tech Tools: Vcita

Today I Periscoped on a tech tool that I use in my business to stay organized. That tool is Vcita.

Vcita helps me stay on top of my schedule when it comes to my business. I love all that you can do with Vcita. Not only scheduling, but invoicing, sharing documents and chatting just to name a few. If you have been wondering about that box that pops up that says “let’s chat” on the bottom right hand side, then watch the replay to learn more about what this tool can do to change your business scheduling. Get your free account by going to

One thing I forgot to mention is that they do have a iPad/iPhone app and Android app that is now available. I love it! This really took my scheduling to a whole nother level. Now I get notifications right on my phone instead of waiting on the emails to come. I can interact right where I am.