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Do you want to learn how to organize a home office like a pro? Of course you do! That is why you are here right?

A home office is becoming more and more in demand and how to organize a home office is becoming a hot topic. Whether you use it to pay household bills or to run a mini enterprise, organization is key. Organizing a home office for maximum efficiency is possible with a few helpful tips.

First you need to determine what you are or will be using your home office for: paying bills or running a home business or bringing extra work home. It could be a combination of all three. Depending on use you can set up your home office in a corner or a entirely separate room.

If space is an issue use a file tote or a rolling cart to house all of your home office needs.

How To Organize A Home Office Quick Tips

  • Keep your personal and business files separate.
  • Set up a filing system – no matter what you use your office for.
  • Have all items that you need daily to work in reach.
  • Resist the urge to spread out to other areas in your home. If you are doing this you probably need to rework your office space.
  • Keep small items and office supplies in a desk drawer or other container and off your desk. This frees up valuable desk space.
  • Find one system of filing and stick with it. Don’t have two or three filing systems. You will get confused.
  • If you hate filing away your papers use a literature sorter to house your different projects.
  • Don’t forget to shop for furniture that closes up like an armoire if you can’t dedicate a entire room to your home office.
  • Organize home office papers regularly. This keeps it from piling up and taking over.
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My Home Office Story

Home offices can be great for getting bills paid and knocking out extra work. I use a home office for my business and for my personal life. I keep a filing cabinet for business files and one for personal files. It is important not to mix the two if you are running a business from home. All of my daily use items are close at hand. My desks are set up in a U shape. I have a dedicated room for my office, but it is okay if you don’t have that. I use a file tote for projects that I need to carry with me downstairs and work on in order to keep an eye on my daughter.

I admit that my office gets junky and in disarray from time to time, but I take the time to go through my piles and file. I am ruthless when it comes to purging old magazines and items no longer needed. I also have to make sure that my office is baby friendly, so I can’t have hazardous piles lying about.

Whatever your home office needs are you can organize your office like a pro!

 This post originally appeared on our sister site How my office is organized now has changed as my kids have grown.  



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