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Now that school has started back you may be overwhelmed about the thought of all the incoming papers and dates that you will have to keep up with. But don’t worry. I am going to share with you my top 10 tips for having a great school year.

If you follow these tips you are sure to get off to a great start and a more sane year.

  1. Have a place for all incoming school papers.
  2. Sit down and go over the school calendar and put all relevant dates into your calendar.
  3. Have a routine for doing homework and checking it with your child.
  4. Make sure all papers are signed and homework placed back into your kid(s) backpack.
  5. Pack lunches the night before. Or at least put ingredients together and into sandwich bags so that it can just be taken out and placed in lunch bag in the morning.
  6. Set out school clothes the night before. If you can pick out clothes for the whole week and set it out even better.
  7. Have a GO Station near the door where you put back packs, coats and anything else that needs to go back to school with your kid(s).
  8. Keep the lines of communication open with your child’s teacher.
  9. Be as involved as you can with your child’s school.
  10. Set academic goals for your child at home in addition to the ones set by the school. And hold your child accountable for your goals at home for him or her.

If you do these 10 things you are guaranteed to have a great and productive school year.

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