Happy HolidaysI hope everyone had a great Christmas and continue to enjoy your holidays with family and friends. Today I want to come to you with a quick tip for not inviting stress back into your life after the holidays.

Once all the festivities have passed, the idea of cleaning up and taking down the decorations may cause your stress meter to go up again, but it doesn’t have to come back if you implement these quick tips.

  1. This is  a good time to update your holiday card list while everything is fresh in your memory. If it turns out you forgot someone this year, you can always send a New Year’s card. Also try using e-cards if you left someone out.
  2. Host an “undecorating” party! It doesn’t have to be a formal event. Just invite over a couple of family and friends to help you undecorate your home and serve some snacks, drinks or pizza. It’s always more fun with two or more to do the grunt work. You can also have your kids help and make a game of it.
  3. When it comes to Christmas decorations and supplies, use the correct size storage containers that are sturdy and label, label, label! Doing the work now to organize your decorations will save hours when it is time to decorate next year.

I hope these quick tips will help you keep at bay the stress from coming back with the winding down of the season. Until next time…



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