Magazine Overload

In honor of American Magazine Month I wanted to share with you some tips about overcoming your magazine overload and resources  for you to get off those lists.

The Problem

  • The problem is too many magazines.
  • Not enough time to read them all.
  • The thought that you will one day get to them.

The Solution

  1. Keep only the current year of magazines. 2 years at most, but trust me you will never go back and read the past issues.
  2. Sign up for the online version of your favorite magazine. If you have a iPad or Android tablet see if they have your magazine digitally.
  3. Schedule time every week to go through your reading pile. Your more likely to actually accomplish some reading if you schedule it. Keep a basket by your favorite chair to keep magazines to read.
  4. Donate old magazines to Dr.’s offices or any other place where people wait. Just be sure to take your name and address off the magazines.
  5. Be realistic about how much time you have to read those magazines and what magazines you really love.

Remember all information in the magazines are repeated and rehashed year after year. So don’t keep a magazine thinking your going to miss the information in it. Sooner or later it will be repeated. So let go!

I hope these tips will help you to cut down on your magazine clutter. For more information on getting off of magazine lists go to the resources page and scroll down to the “Getting Off Mailing Lists and Such“. You will find websites to get off those lists.

Until next time…

More information about organizing your magazines:



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