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Ask the Organizer: What Do I Need to Start an Organizing Business?

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My name is Beth, and I am a student in an Entrepreneurial class. We are writing business plans right now, and I have decided to write one for a professional organizer. I have been an organized person my whole life and can see myself really starting a business like this. I was wondering if you could provide me with any advice or additional information on how to go about writing this plan. Are there any very important things I should be sure to include in the plan? What struggles have you faced in this market?

Thank you so much!

You can find out more about becoming a professional organizer at under the “Become a P.O.” page and find out what books you need and other helpful information.

The most important things are to have is a business license, a separate bank account, general liability insurance and accounting software. You don’t need a big office since most of your work is done on location with your client.

There are a couple of struggles you may run into when getting started like finding what you really like to do in the organizing field and finding clients who fit what you offer. You constantly need to market your business in order to grow. And not everyone is a client believe it or not. As you get started in the field you will learn what type of organizing you like to do and what you don’t care for.

I personally after many years in business had struggles with burnout. I was doing way to many clients and it all became too much. By taking a step back and assessing what I wanted and how I saw my business evolving I was able to scale back and taylor my business to my life and not the other way around. Now I really enjoy all of my clients and they get my very best because I love what I do.

I hope that helps!


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