To Coaches Who Want To  Automate Your Business - But Can't Get Started

Finally a Program to Help You Get the Foundation That Every Coach Needs

Here's a Special Message for Every Coach Who Needs to Automate, but Can't Figure Out How to Get Started.

Picture this...

You're just starting out in your coaching and consulting business. You've had a few clients, but something is missing. You know you want to go to the next level. You know you need to go to the next level.

You know you need a website. But you don’t know where to start. Everyone is coming out of the woodwork saying they can do a site for you. Some are way overpriced. Some are questionable.

Then you hear it’s all about the list. But again how can you make that happen. What’s tracking? What’s analytics? How do you start from zero? You are overwhelmed! You are tired and at your whit's end. 

But wait!

​What if you could put those key foundations in place?

What if all the steps were laid out for you?

What if you had access to someone to go along side you and help setup those systems your business needs? 

What if you could get all of this for one flat fee?

Would you be interested?

If so keep reading.

Hi, my name is Samantha Pointer and if you want to succeed with automating your business, then pay very close attention!

Many coaches suffer from the idea that automating your business is hard and tedious.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

And if you're a coach who wants to setup the right systems to start without wasting time or money, then THIS is exactly what you're looking for.

Samantha Pointer

Introducing - “Coaching Foundations”

Coaching Foundations helps you automate your business the right way the first time.

"Coaching Foundations" makes it simple for you to:

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    Automate Your Client On-boarding.
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    Effortlessly Create The Right Follow Up Plan For On-boarding Your Clients.
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    Gain Confidence In Using Technology To Run Your Business.
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    Escape The Pain Of Having To Set All Of This Up On Your Own.
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    Get Key Pieces Of An Automated System Up And Running.
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    Quickly Setup A System For Delivering Your Lead Magnet.
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    Avoid Implementing The Wrong System Or Not Having One At All.
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    Save Time With Step by Step Help.
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    Get Your Website Setup. 
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    STOP Worrying About Which Technology To Use And How To Make It All Work Together.
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    And Much, MUCH More...

And Best of All... You'll Start Seeing Results with "Coaching Foundations" in 30 Days.

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    Learn By Doing: Done with you step by step help. I could teach all day, but until you can get in there and do it for yourself you won’t really get a good grasp on how to set it up. With Coaching Foundations I work alongside you to help you get your systems up quickly.
  • 2
    Get Your Website Done: First Class Access To The Best In The Biz. I have partnered with Your Chic Geek to get your website up and running with what you need. No longer will you be trying to figure it out on your own. Or worse yet, relying on just a social media presence and nothing more. Finally own your real estate and traffic. (separate purchase at a discount)
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    Automate Key Areas: Only the basics you need with no fluff. You will learn how to setup key systems in your business without having to become a Tech Wizard.
Coaching Foundations

What's Included?

This is a 4 week group coaching program. Each week we will focus on a specific area of your business and set up systems to get you automated. 

Week 1 - Basic Website

Samantha will go over what you should have on your website and what you don't really need. If you choose to purchase the done for you website option Samantha will help you with what copy should be included while your website is being built.

Week 2 - Client Scheduler

This week is all about the basic setup for scheduling consultations and discovery calls. No more taking phone calls on your personal cell at all hours of the night! 

Week 3 - Email

This week we focus on setting up your email marketing platform. Samantha will also show you how to do 1 basic autoresponder in your email marketing platform. 

Week 4 - Automating Social Media

This week is about setting up your social media presence on automatic. Samantha will step you through setting up a campaign with her recommended automation tool. 


After the 4 week period, each participant will have the opportunity to have a 20 minute check in call with Samantha to evaluate their progress. 


Documents & Checklists


Private Facebook Group


Weekly Live Training

What's The Investment?

I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars with trial and error when it comes to technology. I wish I had someone who could have pointed out what I needed from the start. It would have saved me tons of time and frustration. 

Because I don't want you to go through the same thing and I know that most of you will just be starting out I have priced this 4 week program at a rate that will not only be a sound investment into your future, but will also help you to see a return on that investment quicker than if you went it alone.

The total investment for Coaching Foundations is $997. And the tools that I recommend and require for the program will only be between $64 on the low end and $120 on the high end monthly business expense. These tools are the same tools I use in my business day in and day out that have helped me to run a stress free business.

You also have the option to purchase the web design package with Your Chic Geek at a hugely discounted price that I have arranged for all of my participants. She is even throwing in an awesome payment plan. (Hugely important when you are just starting out!)

I also decided to make this deal even sweeter by offering payment plans for Coaching Foundations! So you can choose between a 3-pay option and a 6-pay option. ​

So as you can see you can't lose. Why spend thousands upon thousands trying to figure it out yourself only to end up back at square one and BROKE

3-Pay and 6-Pay Payment Plan

$174.50 - $349 

per month

One-Time Payment

Best Option!

$997 6

See what our clients have to say:

"She's Amazing..."

"Samantha Pointer was an absolute pleasure to work with.... I implemented her suggestions and got immediate results. She's amazing...

India Brown

India B.

Insurance Agent  and Owner of India Insures

"Samantha is a valuable asset to my team..."

"Samantha Pointer is an extremely knowledgeable technical coach. Working with her has not only increased my knowledge of the latest systems available to help streamline my business, but it has also helped save me time and be more productive in my business.

If you want to save time, streamline your business systems, and be more productive Samantha is an asset and you must add her to your team."

Valerie Priester

Valerie P.

Business & Life Strategist at Victorious Life Coaching, LLC

Claim Your Spot, Right NOW!

"Phenomenal insight..."

"After a session with Samantha, your clarity on how tech platforms speak to each other provoke any entrepreneur new to systems to take action. She meets you at your level and then gives you the tools to level up. Thank you Samantha for everything. If you are a new entrepreneur overwhelmed with tech, Samantha is your Coach."

Andrea Hopwood

Andrea H.

Credit Restoration Coach & Speaker at Credit Savvy Solutions

"Going out on your own can be overwhelming..."

"Going out on your own can be overwhelming in so many ways, especially as you are determining your technology, tools, and systems. Too many options! Samantha's insight and knowledge was instrumental in my decisions and I now feel I have a strong foundation for success. As a start up, you are always concerned with where you invest your resources. "

Kealie Williams

Kealie W.

Professional Organizer and Consultant at Parallel Solutions

The Choice Is Yours

Every minute you wait to get your spot in "Coaching Foundations" is another minute your competitors are making money in their sleep. 

So again, if you're a coach who wants to setup the right systems to start without wasting time or money, understand this:

*There are only 5 spots available.

*Technology moves fast, don't get left behind.

*Start getting paid on automatic instead of winging it.

"Coaching Foundations" from Samantha Pointer holds the key to your success with automating your business.

Who This Is Not For:

  • Coaches who have a poverty mindset and want everything for free.
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    Coaches who don't want to learn and just want it done for them. (If this is you I have a Done-For-You option. Schedule your strategy session here.)
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    Coaches not willing or don't see the value in investing in their business from the start.
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    Anyone who is not willing to purchase the required tools that are being used to automate your business. 

Last Chance To Claim Your Spot, TODAY!

"You can't get to automation without systems in place first.”

Samantha Pointer

P.S.: Don't delay. I only have five (5) slots. This is not the time to wait and see. The longer you wait the longer you prolong not seeing the income you desire in your business. Don't continue to struggle alone. Grab your spot right now before the door closes.

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