Get Automated

Quick & Easy Automation Tips, Tricks & Tools Every Small Business Needs To Know

Dear Overwhelmed Small Business Owner,

I know how it is to run a business and wear ALL of the hats.

Not being able to take vacations.

Go on school trips with your kids.

Or even be sick without your whole operation coming to a standstill.

What’s even worse is doing everything manually and entering in the same information over and over again for each new client or prospect. UGH!!!

I get it.

I’ve been there.

Until I started implementing automation. I was overwhelmed and drained trying to manually run my business and be a mom at the same time. That’s why I’m sharing Get Automated with you. I want to help you get automated in your small business. Even if you aren’t tech savvy.

By implementing just a few simple automation techniques you can free up your time AND provide better service to your clients while spending more quality time with your family.

There is a better way to get your business automated without laying out a ton of cash up front. Especially if you are just getting started.

You can start to regain time and money just by implementing one of these automation techniques I share in this audio training.

The best part is there is a 100% Actionable Workbook Also Included.

So don’t wait until an emergency arises before you get automation implemented in your business. Get the audio training today and get started immediately.

My Get Automated Training will help you learn:

Which Areas you should be automating

You will be suprised what should be first.

What Tools To Use To Make That Happen

Don’t let the tech slow you down.

What To Automate First When On A Tight Budget

Even if you are just starting out you can automate your business.

What Is Included?

With your purchase you will get access to the following:

  • Audio training of Get Automated (mp3 format)
  • Get Automated Worksheets


Here’s What Others Are Saying About The Training:

T. Dansby

“Samantha, the webinar was awesome. I’m new to the whole automation. You provided me with so much information that I was unaware of & some of the ways that I thought was beyond my budget, I now know there is so much that is available to me at no or minimal cost! Thank you! ”

TaMecca Dansby

Life Coach, TaMecca Dansby Coaching Life, LLC


“This webinar was amazing. You gave so many ways I can automate.”

Elmira Loftin

LMT, Couture Massage

Valerie Priester

"This webinar was eye-opening. I always knew that automation was important in my business but it’s difficult to decide what to focus on first. Samantha really helped me gain clarity on what’s most important."

Valerie Priester

Business & Life Strategist, Victorious Life Coaching, LLC

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