Samantha Pointer-Foxx on iTunesThis week on the podcast I talk about cloud based computers and if you’re ready to take the plunge. I myself took the plunge back in January and purchased the Acer Chromebook. While I love having an instant on computer, I still miss some features that I wish the Chromebook would incorporate.

If you are thinking about getting a cloud based computer you have to weight out the pros and cons and what is best for your business.

Show Notes:

Here is a list of Chromebooks. The one that I have and talk about in the show is the Acer Chromebook. But compare each Chromebook and see which ones have the features that you are needing.

Acer Chromebook

Amazon Image

Samsung Chromebook

Amazon Image

HP Chromebook

Amazon Image

Chromebook Pixel

Amazon Image




As you can see there are many to choose from. So if you are in the market for a cloud based computer then check out these Chromebooks and see if any of them will fit the bill.

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