GIT Podcast #013 – 5 Tips for Using A Project Board

Written by Samantha Pointer

On November 30, 2013

5 Tips for Using A Project BoardThis week I showcase the Project Board from Clever Container. I give you 5 uses plus a bonus on using this useful organization tool.

Show Notes:

Ever since I became a Clever Container Consultant I am blown away by all of the many useful products that they carry to get you organized. One such product today I want to talk about is the Project Board .

When I first received  this in my new consultant kit I was like “what can I do with this?” I started brainstorming with my business partner Kelly Knowles and below are some of the ideas that we came up with.

1. Mail – mail is the most troubling obstacle when it comes to getting organized. The chief complaint is there is too much and where should I put it. For the past month I have used the Project Board by Clever Container to organize my mail and incoming papers.

I love it because it hangs on a door out of the way, but in a spot that everyone has to pass by. So it’s not one of those out of site out of mind things. I also like the fact that I can label the pockets and change and expand as needed. Check out the video demo below of my setup.

2. Work Projects/ Active Client Projects
+ As a freelancer having those folders at hand is critical.
+ You can stick client folders standing up or just the papers that are needed and label the outside of each pocket.
+ If you want letter size folders that sit in the pockets I would suggest you get the Folder Holder from Clever Container.

3. Take-Out/ Menu/ Coupon Center


4. Kid(s) Homework Center/School Papers
+ Each child has their own pocket
+ 7 pockets for 7 days of the week for 1 child

5. Reading Center
+ Magazines (Current issue)
+ This month’s reading for your child(ren)
+ Morning paper holding spot

Bonus: Outgoing or Out Box
+ Things to mail
+ Things to respond to
+ Things to take back to a store (small items)

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