GIT Podcast #015 – Interview with Susan Gardner

Written by Samantha Pointer

On March 3, 2014

This week I interview Susan Gardner, Professional Organizer and owner of Clearing the Way Home. We talk about:

  • Susan’s vision of community based support for the chronically disorganized and hoarders.
  • How Susan became committed to this endeavor as part of professional organizing.
  • How Susan came up with the name Clearing the Way Home

Among other things. Listen in as Susan and I discuss.

Show Notes:

Susan Gardner

Susan Gardner

If you would like more information about Susan Gardner and her classes and support group you can find her at:

Clearing the Way Home
(615) 477-9795
On Facebook

You can find out more about her classes at the University School and her Buried In Treasurers Support Group on her website.










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