November 19

The Golden Rules of Home Organisation

 Today’s post comes from guest blogger Olive Moore. 


Every home looks better if it is organised and clean. But a place can get crowded very easily especially if you have children. And even though it’s really difficult to cope with your family’s messes, you need to stay positive. There is a way to keep everything under control. Just organise your home so it’s easier to find your stuff or to clean up your loved ones’ messes. How do you do that? Check out our golden rules of home organisation.

Every item in its own place

It’s hard to keep your home organised if you don’t have a special place for every item. If you don’t know where your stuff should go after you use it, your home will soon become a mess. Use organisers, dividers and labels to help you put everything in its place.

Simple as it is, however, many people find it difficult to assign a place for their stuff. Which is why they cannot manage to deal with the mess they make. Our tip: make sure you find a place for every belonging and half your work will be done.

For example, assign a place for all the pencils, ballpoint pens and other stationery. Put them in a box, don’t just leave them scattered on your desk. Also, it’s a good idea to arrange your spice jars on a rack. Store newspapers and magazines where your books are. Always keep your clothes in the closet, don’t leave them lying on the floor. Store your bathroom accessories in the bathroom. Use organisers to keep everything in one place. Your cosmetic products should be held in a box too. Once you do this, cleaning will be less annoying and much faster. After all, all the stuff which is always coming your way will be stored away.

Give away items you don’t use

Some things just weren’t meant for you. What’s the point of keeping possessions that serve no purpose? If you don’t use it, it can go. However, a lot of people have emotional connection to objects. This condition should be overcome.

Imagine you keep buying stuff and you never let go of your old possessions. Your house will become very, very crowded. It’s always best to dispose of those items you don’t need. For example, you can sale them. That red dress you never wear will probably look good on another woman. Or how about that old coffee maker? Perhaps there is a person who will use it more often than you ever do.

Furthermore, if you like buying stuff by the dozen and you have loads of cosmetic products, shampoos and other necessity goods, consider inspecting them. It’s best to keep only the ones your really use. Which leads to our next point—

Avoid overcrowding

Sort through all of your clothes. You probably have too many of them, don’t be afraid to let some of them go. Give away the ones you don’t wear and organise the rest using hangers. There is a rule that says “one in, one out”. That is, every time you buy a new piece of clothing, something old will have to be taken away. The stuff you don’t want to keep can be donated or sold online. There are many options to deal with this problem, you only need to make up your mind to what’s right to do.

Keep your home clean

And finally, a clean home looks tidier. It’s not a secret to anyone. If you do the chores regularly, your place will be less crowded. Try to do a little cleaning every day instead of letting household work pile up day by day. You’ll notice it’s much easier to deal with housekeeping on a regular basis than if you do it at the weekend.

The article is written on behalf of Quality Cleaning West London

Olive is not a professional organizer but she owns a small cleaning agency. Cleanliness and organization are her best strengths.

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