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How To Help Your Teenager Overcome The 3 Biggest Time Wasters

teen on skateboardTeenagers are super busy these days. Between school, homework, socializing, extracurricular activities, tech gadgets, and jobs, teens are being pulled in many different directions. It is vital that when it comes to important things like school work that teenagers use their time wisely and stay focused.

But how can your teen get things done with so many distractions? They can get things done by overcoming the following 3 time wasters.


One of the biggest time wasters for teens is procrastination. They tend to put things off until the last minute. You most likely have found your teen doing homework at the breakfast table or in the car on the way to school. They have put off doing their homework the night before, or the week before, and now they are cramming it all in during the last moments before it’s due. We have all been there, even as adults.

To overcome this time waster, the parent must consistently remove distractions from their teenager. This means reminding them that they don’t get to do anything until their homework is done. Set a time for your teenager to do homework. Use a kitchen timer or digital timer like this one. Turn off the television, the computer, the phone, or whatever it is that is causing your teenager to procrastinate.

Sometimes, a few gentle reminders  is enough motivation to get them moving.


We live in a world full of gadgets, electronics, all the goodies we love. It’s quite normal to see teenagers on their iPhones, iPods, iPads, iEverything all day and night. It’s no wonder their time is so easily eaten up and ‘wasted’ with these distractions at their fingertips 24/7.

To help combat this time waster, you’re going to need to set some boundaries for your teenager. Perhaps you’ll want to assign certain times for when they can use their tech gadgets. If your teen knows that at a certain time every day they can click on, tune in, surf, text, and get connected, they will power through their work, not wanting to waste a single second, so they can get to their ‘gadget time.’ It may be a bribe, but it works.

Being Unorganized

If adults have a hard time getting things done in an unorganized space, how much more difficult do you think it must be for teenagers. Having an unorganized space can cause anyone’s mind to wander even more than usual, especially your teen. And we know that distractions keep teenagers from focusing on the task at hand.

It’s pretty simple to overcome this time waster.

  1. Make sure your teenager’s work area is as clutter-free and organized as possible. You can use things like bins, shelves, a wall calendar, and color-coded folders to help your teenager be more organized.
  2. Don’t take on this responsibility all by yourself. Teenagers are perfectly capable of keeping their area clean and organized once you help them get set up. Don’t become an enabler by doing it for them.

Teaching your teenager how to overcome time wasters and distractions isn’t an easy task, but it can be done. Overcoming time wasters is a good skill to learn as a teenager, as it will benefit them for their entire lifetime.


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