How To Organize A Kitchen For Maximum Efficiency

Written by Samantha Pointer

On January 23, 2015
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How to organize a kitchen is the battle cry of many. Kitchens are said to be the heart of the home. But it can also be the catchall of the home. With the kitchen being the hub of the home, everything ends up piled or dumped waiting for some type of action. It is time to bring the kitchen back to what it’s function is…to cook and gather with family and friends.
Keep reading to learn how to organize a kitchen like a professional!

Go from this….

Unorganized Kitchen

To this!

Organized Kitchen

It is okay if you have to use your kitchen for different functions other than cooking, but you can set up different zones in order for your kitchen to flow without becoming a dumping ground.
Here are a few tips I use myself and with clients to answer the question “How to organize a kitchen?”

• Gather like items together.

• Place gadgets where you use most, not where they normally would go.

  • For example, set up a baking station with all of your baking needs together.
  • Have all of your cooking utensils next to the stove, or all of your baking pans next to the stove.

• Use floating shelves or take doors off cabinets.

You do not want to be running all across your kitchen when you are working on a cooking task.
More Helpful Kitchen Tips

  • Spice Racks – This can be used to expand your shelf space by placing spices or small cans.
  • Lazy Susan – Also can be used to expand vertical space in your cupboards and help you to see everything stacked in there.
  • Shoe Boxes – I like to use these for corralling spices, or other like items that are loose. They can also be used to hold quick snacks for the kids or to hold small recipes.

Ah, the junk drawer!

Is it okay to have a junk drawer in your kitchen? Sure, just make sure it is one and not four! Also, make sure that every now and then you purge through the junk drawer to get rid of obsolete items or things that you no longer need.

Kitchen Pantry – Organize!
You may now be asking how to organize a kitchen pantry. When I organize a kitchen pantry, I like to put like items together. I like to set it up in sections like you would see in a grocery store. It just makes it easier to find items and know what you have.
You might want to group all canned goods together. Some other categories would be pasta; condiments; baking products; soups; canned meats; beans.

TIP: This is just an idea. If you want to be even more organized label the shelves once you have finished categorizing everything. This way everyone will know where to put food back once it has been used.

Kitchen Cupboard Organizers:
Expand-a-Shelf Cabinet Organizer by Dial Industries
Enjoy extra space by using the Expand-a-Shelf Cabinet Organizer by Dial Industries. This three-tier cabinet organizer offers a personalized storage solution. This plastic storage shelf is ideal for use in cabinets, bathroom, pantry, and even the garage. The unique design of this expandable shelf gives you an unobstructed view off all contents stored on it. This white plastic construction of this cabinet organizer makes it sturdy and durable. You do not require any tools for custom fitting this cabinet organizer. This plastic storage shelf measures 4″ tall x 8″ deep & is expandable from 14″ to 27″ in width. Features:

  • Sturdy white plastic construction
  • Expandable to fit your specific needs
  • 3 tier design allows you to see all itemSize: Expands 4″tall x 14″ to 27″wide x 8″deep


  • Lazy Susan
  • Revolving Spice Rack – I personally use this myself in my small space. It is easy to get and keep my spices in one spot without using up drawers or other shelves.

Spice Rack

 This post originally appeared on our sister site  


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