Well, I have had my iPhone for quite a few months now and I am loving how I can keep everything organized together on it. I use my iPhone to keep my various social networking activities together, I use it for banking, I use it to read books, I use it to listen to music, I use it to access my task lists on Google, and I use it to just unwind. I am loving the Amazon Kindle app for iPhone. I find it is much easier for me to read books on my iPhone. It is weird, but it gives me a sense of accomplishment as I blast with a touch of a finger through the pages. Plus I don’t have to buy that big $200+ Kindle from Amazon. The books are much cheaper also. I also use the Pandora app. This is great for me to unwind with and listen to uninterupted music. I am also using the Evernote app which lets me keep all of my notes, voice and text, synced between the iPhone, Mac and PC. And it is free! I am able to stay on top of billing with Freshbooks Minibooks for iPhone.

I can access my PC files with the Livedrive app for iPhone. I can do mobile banking with my banks app for iPhone. I am just loving all of the things I can do to keep organized with my iPhone and not have to carry around a laptop or bulky calendars. This is just the begining. I am constantly on the look out for more of what I can do with my iPhone to help keep me organized electronically.

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If you would like to always be ready for tax time let me suggest Shoeboxed. You can sign up with them to have all of your receipts and business cards scanned electronically and then organized automatically for you. And the great thing about it is they have a iPhone app where you can take a picture of the receipt right from your iPhone and it sends it to your account. You don’t even have to send in the receipt manually. How cool is that?! If you would like to learn more click the picture below to find out how you can get more organized with your receipts and business cards.

Shoeboxed.com - Scan Receipts and Business Cards

Until next time….Happy Organizing!



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