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Ask the Organizer: Samantha Pointer-FoxxQ: I clean and declutter my desk and dining room table every few months, and every few months the clutter is back. How do I keep these areas clutter free during the busy work and school years?

by bluegreen

A:One thing you are doing right is decluttering every few months. But to keep from having your desk and dining room table become clutter magnets and pile back up you need to have a system in place to put things that usually accumulate and cause the clutter in the first place. For kids papers and drawing during the school year you need to have bins or file folders for each kid that can act as a catchall. Then at the end of the month you can look through and throw away what is not relevant anymore or scan in what you need to keep and toss it once scanned. The same goes for your dining room table. If you put back what you have brought out to work on and have a folder to catch the different information as it comes into your home this will help to keep your dining room table clutter free. Remember that if you do a little tidying of these two areas each day it won’t pile up and it will stay clutter free forever. I hope this helps.




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