Here we are at the end of the year and I can’t help but look at all of the things that have happened this year and where I was a year ago. I have made strides from last year. And I look forward to even greater in the new year.

I have learned from the setbacks of this year and have grown from the disappointments. I have found hope in the triumphs and even stretched myself out of my comfort zone this year.

It hasn’t been easy but nothing worth having in life is. I’m encouraged to keep pressing forward and celebrating the little victories. No matter how small any step is worth celebrating. I encourage you to take time to reflect and process what has happened this year, but to also look ahead with great anticipation for what the new year holds. Don’t let any disappointments get you down. Take the lesson from any setbacks and keep pushing forward.

I will see you in 2014! Let’s reach our goals together.



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