***This article was originally posted in my Organize Life! newsletter. I thought it would be a great thing to revisit in this New Year of 2012. I have edited it from the original. Enjoy!

Reach your goals!

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The New Year usually inspires everyone to start making New Year’s resolutions (that we know we will not keep) and you may be tempted to do the same this year. Well, don’t! Instead try making decisions and setting goals.

I find that when I make up my mind to focus on having a set of goals that I want to meet for the New Year and actually go through the steps of putting down the tasks to meet the goal I have a lot more success. When you make a goal instead of a resolution there is more accountability. Usually you let yourself off the hook with a resolution because everyone does it and it is okay. But with a goal you actually have to sit down and think about how you are going to accomplish it and write down a blueprint of how to get there.

Every year I write down 3 to 5 goals that I really want to focus on for that year. I write down the steps that I am going to take to get it done and post them somewhere (like my smartphone) where I can be reminded of what is important and what is not to accomplishing this goal. With all of this in place I can go about with my weekly planning focusing on my goal and planning my to do list and schedule accordingly. When you simplify like this you spend less time on things that are not helping you reach your goal and more time on the important things to you that contribute to you reaching your goal.

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It is never to late to start putting down goals. Why don’t you start right now with writing down 3 goals (3 important things that you would like to accomplish) this year. They don’t have to be huge unless that is what you want, but just small doable goals. Put them somewhere you will see them daily. Then start on making tasks to accomplish those goals.

May this year bring you more accomplishments than any other!




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