Today is National Techies Day. In honor of this I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Pinterest pins this week.

My Favorite Pinterest Pins For Techies Day

Favorite Techie Pins

  1. A cute baby quilt for the techie baby. Can be found at
  2. If you are an ultra techie you will want to pick up this jewelry set.
  3. I love the design of this old looking book on the outside and tech gadget holder on the inside.
  4. Don’t those cute cups just beg you to have tea or coffee with your iPad?
  5. This is literally my household! Everyone is on a gadget.
  6. This place can monogram anything for your tech gadgets.
  7. I feel like this when I am trying to explain something to my mom. Caption “No, Grandma, Listen, Double-Click The Chrome Icon.”
  8. Now this is the coat to beat all coats. You will surely feel like a femme fatale when you put on this trench that hides all of your tech goodies.
  9. This is funny and all too true. Caption “Father, I have sinned.” and the Father says “I already know.” looking at the guy’s Facebook account in the confessional.



If you would like to see these pins up-close and personal just head on over to my Pinterest board and take a look. And while you are there you might as well follow me too. I have a lot of interesting things.

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