GIT Podcast #003 – National Procrastination Week: Did You Get Anything Done?

Written by Samantha Pointer

On March 8, 2013

GIT Podcast with Samantha PointerIn this week’s podcast I share with you what I was able to accomplish this week for National Procrastination Week. If you remember I asked everyone this week to pick one thing they had been putting off and just do it. You can read that challenge here. But if you weren’t able to get anything done yet, it is not too late. You have two more days to pick one thing you have been putting off and dreading and tackle it head on. I was able to get several things off my plate despite getting over being sick. And when I looked back at what I was doing this week last year…let’s just say I was not very productive.

The rewards of getting something done that you have been putting off for so long are great. It is like a huge weight that has been lifted off your shoulders and you will be able to focus on other things once this one thing is done. If you need some accountability just head over to our Facebook page and like and leave what you are planning on tackling in the next two days and let’s get this done together! Or leave your one thing you are going to tackle in the comments below.

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