August 22

Organized desk- Productive day

Today’s post comes from guest blogger Olive Moore.

Organized desk- productive day

Carolyn GalloHaving proper organisational skills is a must if you want to be successful in your job. Dealing with a great amount of work within an 8 hour working day is not always possible unless you know how to make the work process run smoothly. One of the essential requirements for being productive, no matter if you work from your home or you spend the entire day at the office, is to have a neat and clean workplace. Keeping your desk well – organised is not always easy, especially if you are performing a few tasks simultaneously but here are most important things you have to pay attention to:

  •  First of all, remember that you work with other people and none of them would be delighted to see empty packages, bottles or inedible food on your desk. Apply the popular “Clean as you go” method and get rid of the leftovers without wasting your precious time. As far as the cleaning of the computer screen, the keyboard and the mouse are concerned, the specialised wet wipes can do an excellent job.
  • Re – evaluate the value of your possessions. As soon as you start cleaning up the drawers, you will see how many useless items have you stored in there. Don’t be sentimental and throw the ones, you no longer use, away in order to make more room for your belongings.
  • Organise the folders and do the paperwork as efficiently as you can. Stocking a number of folders on your desk, combined with pens and scattered pieces of paper all over the place can make the work process unbearably difficult and time – consuming. Take your time and organise your folders and documents properly. It doesn’t matter if you will put everything in file folders or you will come up with an organising method, illogical to your co – workers, the most important thing is to keep your desk neat and tidy all the time.
  • Place the items you use regularly as near as possible. The pens, the stapler, the papers you will need during the day..  – all these can be placed in the drawer right next to you. In other words, when organising the desk, do your best to prioritise the organisation job.
  • Don’t put too many things on the top so you have enough space. Keeping the desk clean includes regular decluttering. You might think that you will find the desired items easier if they are exposed in from of you, but once you see your desk covered with so many papers, accessories and personal items that you have to spend half an hour in digging into the pile, you will realise that the solution is the timely cleaning. You can always book tenancy cleaning by CallCleaners if need a professional.
  • All these small pieces of paper, where you write down emails and phone numbers can get lost so easy. Keep them together by using sticky notes or magnets. Another option is to store the loose papers altogether in a big box or a separate drawer.
  • It may look nice but the items that have too many ornaments are not the best decoration for your desk, especially of they are fragile. Plus, their cleaning can be really time – absorbing.
  • If you work from home and you are really short of space, place a shelf near your workplace and put the bulky items there.

Having a well – organised desk is not as difficult as you think. Admittedly, there are some people who are not bothered by a messy workplace but it doesn’t make a good impression at all. Give your best to be punctual and don’t neglect your desk otherwise it might take you hours to clean up the mess.


Olive is not a professional organizer but she owns a small cleaning agency. Cleanliness and organization are her best strengths.

Picture credit: Carolyn Gallo

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