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using your mobile phoneLet me help you solve your technology and automation problems.This is a great way to get quick help on what you need with no long term financial commitment.

Have you watched a YouTube video or some type of training and tried to implement something yourself and still don’t understand? Let me help you.

I have been in business for over 20 years and know the pitfalls to avoid with building a business. Let me help you with figuring out what technology you need and how to be more efficient using it.

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Barb Eimer

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Samantha. We got through a ton of my questions in an hour and she was able to take over my computer so that made things go even faster. I'm booking another session next week. She is kind and patient and extremely knowledgeable! Thanks so much Sam!!

Kealie Williams

Going out on your own can be overwhelming in so many ways, especially as you are determining your technology, tools, and systems. Too many options! Samantha's insight and knowledge was instrumental in my decisions and I now feel I have a strong foundation for success. As a start up, you are always concerned with where you invest your resources. Our time was invaluable and I'd recommend others to "Pick Sam's Brain."

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