Hey everyone! I just wanted to do a quick post for those of you have a lot of jewelry but it’s all tangled up in a drawer. I had the same problem. Not only me, but my mom and my daughter. So one day I decided to use sandwich bags to corral all of the jewelry.

Now you could just throw everything in one bag, but that would just give you a mess in a bag. Hahaha! We don’t want that! So I though why don’t I separate the jewelry by type, or better yet by color.

So for my Mom’s jewelry I put different items in a bag by color. So basically I had sets in a bag. For example I would do earrings, bracelet and a necklace in one bag of the same color. This made it easy for my Mom to grab what she needed when getting ready for church. It was all color coordinated and she didn’t have to go digging around.

For my daughter I used the cute Disney sandwich bags and organized her jewelry by type. So I put all of the bracelets together, all of the rings together and all of the necklaces together.

Jewelry organization doesn’t have to be hard. Sandwich bags don’t cost a whole lot and one box will give you plenty to use for you or your loved ones collection. I hope this helps you get your jewelry organized quickly and without hassle!



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