We have a lot of rainy days in Nashville. For some they would want to crawl back into bed and take a nice long nap. But I choose instead to knock out some of the more boring tasks in my business on those days by organizing my digital files on my computer.

This isn’t a terribly exciting thing to do. And most people would find it down right boring. But on rainy days you can put on a little music and put your timer on for 1 hour and go through your computer files and see what you need and don’t need anymore.

rainydayorganizing.pngHere are 5 things you can do on rainy days to organize your computer:

  1. Clean out your installed programs. I will be getting a new computer soon so I want to see what I have installed on my current computer and what I don’t need anymore.
  2. Organize your file folders on your computer. Try to organize them and name them like you would a physical file cabinet. Use broad folder names.
  3. Organize the pictures on your hard drive. Do you have duplicates? Can you upload them to Picasa, Flickr or an external hard drive? Get rid of any that you don’t need.
  4. Backup your computer. There is no time like the present to make sure that all of your files are backed up. At least take the time to schedule a backup on your computer. It’s very easy to do.
  5. Organize the bookmarks in your web browser. You may have some that you no longer care about. The website that you bookmarked may even have shut down. I ran into that recently. It’s a good idea to purge through your bookmarks just like anything else from time to time.

Well that’s it. You don’t have to do all of it today or in one day. Just pick one thing from the list and get started. Just an hour or two will put you far ahead of the game than you were before.



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