Review: Paper Karma

Written by Samantha Pointer

On October 10, 2012

Paper KarmaThe other day I was on the site and Digitwirl did a video about saying goodbye to junk mail. She introduced an app called Paper Karma. It was so neat that I just had to run over to the app store and download it and give it a try myself.

I have an iPhone so the app was pretty straight forward to download. There is no iPad version as of yet so you will have to look in the iPhone section. Don’t worry if you don’t have an iPhone because this app is available for Android and Windows Phone too!

Now back to the app. After I downloaded the app I started it up and was met with a welcome screen. From there I was asked to login with Facebook or signup. I didn’t want to login with my Facebook account so I just signed up with my email address right there and hit the join button.Paper Karma

After you do that you get their terms and end user license. Just accept and you will be presented with the next screen. Paper Karma

The next screen asked for my address but it did something pretty neat. It asked if I would like for it to find me via GPS so that I wouldn’t have to enter the information in. So I said what the heck and let it find me. It took only a few seconds and it had me pinpointed to my exact address. Amazing! Some of those GPS locators just locate you to the street but not your actual address.

Paper Karma

After that information was saved then I was taken to a welcome screen where it gives you a quick tutorial of how the app works. Then you are off to the races.

Paper Karma

I just grabbed a piece of junk mail that I had received and took a photo of it and that was it. The nice thing about this app is it didn’t save the photo to my phone. It stores the photo on their server.

Paper Karma

After you take the photo you just wait. You can go to the status center right in the app to see the status of your request. Whether it is pending or complete or whatever. I will let you know if I start to see any decrease in junk mail.

Paper Karma

If you want to decrease the amount of junk mail in your mailbox then go ahead and download the Paper Karma app. You have nothing to lose and its FREE. The app is available for iPhone, Android and Windows phone users so you have no excuses why you can’t just try it out.

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If you would like more information just go to their website at and check out their blog. You can also see a hands-on demonstration by Digitwirl at Momversation .com to see just how easy it is to use.

Unitl next time…


Update: I received a email after about 2 hours that said they were successful in contacting the two places that I had sent them. Now that is fast! I have high hopes for this one.

Latest Update 3/18/13: It has been some months since I first started using Paper Karma and I must say that I have not received much junk mail at all. I certainly have not received any mail from those companies that I set up at first. I now get only the mail that I have asked for. You can’t go wrong with this app. I would grab it now if you want to cut down your junk mail. I still get email status updates from Paper Karma letting me know if any other companies have been trying to contact me. I love this app!


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  • Kelly Knowles says:

    How does this work now that you have used for awhile?

    • It has really been working well. I haven’t received anymore correspondence from the few I have entered so far and it’s been a month. I can definitely see a decrease in the amount of offers coming in the mail. It was so easy to use too.

  • Jay says:

    Hi there, been using paper karma for over six months. Ironically I now receive more junk mail. Some items have stopped but it took six months. Others keep coming. I was very excited about this app but it is not working as well as I had hoped. I hope it works better for others.

    • Hi Jay,
      I would check to see what else you have signed up for. A lot of companies where you buy things automatically sign you up for their mail and 3rd party offers too. Kinda like email. I would also contact Paper Karma and let them know maybe they can figure out why you are receiving more junk mail. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • Carolee says:

      Yes companies share with 3rd parties, so you will now get mail from places you never new about – perseverance is the key & after several months you’ll be seeing less and less!

  • Karl says:

    I’ve been trying to use Paper Karma for almost a year. It worked the first time I used it, but ever since, I get a message that the server is down and to try again in a few mintes. It’s now been 10 months and I have a large box of junk mail to report. I’ve tried to contact Paper Karma but to no avail. Help!

    • Hi Karl,
      Have you tried uninstalling the app and then reinstalling again. That may help. Also make sure you have the latest version from the App Store or google play store. I know on an iPhone or iPad uninstalling an app and then reinstalling seems to help.

  • Vickie says:

    I guess I got a trial app to Paper Karma? It took 4 pictures then asked for a one year purchase of $9.99 or Share on Facebook. I shared on FB but it won’t let me continue sending pictures. Any ideas?

  • Donna says:

    I would just like to know how to cancel my Paperkarma subscription! I cant find anywhere on the app where I can do this. I’ve sent several emails but have received no responses. How do I stop this app from debiting my account every month!!?!!

    • In the privacy policy it says to delete your account to email If you are paying via PayPal I would shut off the recurring debit. If it is through your bank I would have them to stop payment. Their address at PaperKarma is 1001 Marshall St. 2nd Floor Redwood City, CA 94063.

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