Self Improvement WordleThis month is Self Improvement Month. All this month I will do a weekly post to help you improve yourself by getting organized.

Last week we took a home assessment for Self Improvement Month. This week we put that plan into action. This week it is time to get organized!

Look over your home assessment list and let’s get started.

  • You want to first gather your supplies. (Trash bags, boxes, sharpies, etc.)
  • You want to get started in one area first.
  • Sweep through the house organizing according to the plan you wrote out last week.
  • Immediately take out the trash and take the donations to where you have already designated them to go.
  • Start containerizing what you have decided to keep.
  • Put everything in their place. You should already have the designated spots preplanned from your outline last week.

That’s it! You now have completely organized your home. Give yourself a pat on the back and a cup of tea. Now this process can take you several weeks to complete. It’s not like the TV shows you see where everything is tip top in 48 hours. So don’t get discouraged at the length of time it may take to get everything in order. Just keep working your plan and you should have no problem having an organized home in no time.

Next week I will show you how to maintain what you have now put in order. Because maintenance is the key to success.

Until next week…



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