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Self Improvement WordleThis month is Self Improvement Month. All this month I will do a weekly post to help you improve yourself and get organized.

Last week for Self Improvement Month we talked about doing a self assessment. This week we will do a home assessment. Before you can get organized you have to find out what the problem is. Below are 5 steps to do a home assessment.

5 Steps To A Home Assessment:

  1. Identify what is not working.
  2. Identify what is working.
  3. Set a goal for what you want done or changed.
  4. Write out your plan and present to your family to get all involved.
  5. Identify what can go and what needs to stay. Calculate how much space you have to work with.

Write all of these things down and put it somewhere that you will be able to find it. You will need this for next week when we put this plan into action.

Until next week…




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