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Self Improvement WordleThis month is Self Improvement Month. All this month I will do a weekly post to help you improve yourself and get organized.

This week’s post is Self Assessment. Take time this week to do a self inventory of what you want to improve about yourself. Before you can get your house in order you must first get you in order.

Here are 5 things you can do to assess yourself.

  1. Look at why you do what you do. What do you think contributes to the disorganization you are experiencing?
  2. Identify your weaknesses. What can you improve on? What will you need help with?
  3. Identify your strengths. What are you really good at?
  4. Set a personal goal for improvement. What do you want to improve about you personally and by when?
  5. Forgive and let go. Mental clutter contributes to home clutter. By letting go of past hurts and moving toward the future you free up your mind and therefore can focus on organizing your home with a clearer head.

Next week we will talk about doing a home assessment. Until then take what you have learned about yourself and make the necessary adjustments.



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