GIT Podcast with Samantha PointerThis week’s podcast I talk about organizing your children’s closet. We are at the end of Clean Out Your Closet week and you still have time to tackle a closet or two. Highlights from this weeks podcast talk about tailoring your child’s closet organization according to their age and needs.

You have to remember that most kid’s closets have everything from clothes and toys to other family members junk. In some cases a closet is shared with a sibling. When you go to organize your child’s closet you must keep these circumstances in mind when coming up with a plan. You will also need to be on standby to help your child get used to the new system put in place. Spend the next couple of weeks helping them to put things back and take things out. Soon enough they will get the hang of it and it will be come second nature. I also talk about how I organized my daughter’s closet and how the system has changed from when she was a toddler to now as a 2nd grader.




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