Organizing The Bathroom With Simple Tools

Organizing The Bathroom With Simple Tools

Although it’s a small room (unless you have a mansion!) the bathroom can be a very messy, cluttered space. Why not organize the space you spend a good part of your time for maximum efficiency. Let me share with you some tips for organizing the bathroom that I use with my own clients.

  • Group like items together.


  • Use clear Ziploc bags under counters to corral like items.


The following are some pictures from my bathroom. Living in a small space I need to make the most of what I have and these clever organizing solutions for unconventional items fit the bill.

I use the pantry that was once in my kitchen to organize all of my toiletries in the bathroom. I can also keep towels and other essentials in a closed cabinet that looks good.

Small Space3
I use this CD Cabinet to help organize my bath products and hair products. It keeps things that would normally hang in the shower.

Small Space4
These small drawers are great for organizing makeup. You can also put other small items in there like jewelry.
The point is to be creative when organizing the bathroom. A bathroom organizer can help you to group all the little things in a neat way.


Some of the items that you see used here to help you in organizing your bathroom are also used to help organize the kitchen.

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Kitchen & Bath Month: Bathroom Organizing

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Kitchen & Bath Month 2012

bathroom organizingLast week for Kitchen & Bath Month we talked about organizing your kitchen. This week we will focus on the bathroom. For many the bathroom is their biggest bug-a-boo in their home. Especially if you share it with more than one person. Most bathrooms do not have adequate storage and are cramped at best.

Even big bathrooms can have poor design and storage. So what I want to talk about is how to organize your bathroom no matter what size space it is or how much storage you have. Your going to need some basic tools for this. Below are some great bins to use in your bathroom to keep like items together. (clicking on image will take you to I am a affiliate).

Ziploc Bags

I like to use ziploc bags to keep lose items together. Like q-tips or dental supplies. Just about anything you can put in a ziploc bag. And once it is in the ziploc bag you can place it in a shoebox container or other storage container.

Shoebox Containers

Shoebox  storage containers are great for keeping like items together. You can keep rollers or makeup or just about anything that is small and needs corralling.

Sterilite Storage Box 12-pack

Storage Bins

I like to use all types of storage bins. They are great for grouping like items together. If at all possible try to find ones that stack. If they can stack on top of each other you can use the vertical space that is often wasted in bathrooms.

Sterilite Ultra Baskets (Also known as holy bins by Professional Organizers)

We love these bins because they are perfect to use anywhere. Especially the bathroom. They also come in various sizes. I use one size to hold all of my hair products and another to hold my curling irons and blow dryer.

My Hair Products in Sterilite BinHair Appliances in Sterilite Bin

Rubbermaid Nesting Storage Bins

These are great for sliding in closets or even on your counters. You can even fold up and put wash cloths in them.

Sterilite Stacking Drawers

Stacking drawers are great for items such as nail polish, medicines, and even makeup.

Quick Steps To Bathroom Organization

Once you have your storage containers it is only a matter of going through everything in your bathroom and purging old items and grouping like items together. Place what you keep in your preferred bins and then place in the container, on the shelf or up under your sink.

Use a hanging rack or corner rack in your shower or bathtub area to keep your bathing products out of the way.

There are also slings to keep kids toys organized in your bath area also.

Another way to maximize space is to use the area over your toilet. If you can have a handyman to put in a cabinet above the toilet you can use the space to store toilet paper and other bathroom essentials. For the price of a cabinet at Home Depot or Lowes and the handyman’s time you can be maximizing your vertical space.

If you would like more tips on organizing your bathroom space check out my article on Organizing Your Bathroom with Simple Tools.

Tomorrow I will show you how to organize a linen closet. Until then…

*Top bathroom photo by Jinkazamah