Closet Organization: The Truth About Your Clothes

Closet Organization: The Truth About Your Clothes

GIT JewelsWhen it comes to closet organization everyone has a dirty little secret in their closet. Old clothes, clothes to small, clothes to large and fashion no-no’s. It all resides in our closets.

Why do we abuse our closets with useless junk and “one day” outfits? Because when it comes to our closets, it is so easy to just close the door! Closets can be overwhelming depending on the size. But with my step by step instructions we can get through the jungle of your closet together.

So let’s begin!

Step 1: Take It All Out

Depending on the size of your closet this may be practical or overwhelming. So let’s say that your closet is small. You will want to pull everything out in order to have a clean slate to work with. Now, if you have a large closet or a huge walk in closet you will want to start at the back of your closet and work your way out. Take things and clothes out the back of your closet in sections. That way it will not be so overwhelming.

Sidebar: Now is a good time to vacuum the closet floor and dust the shelves. What? You think I am going to let you put organized things back into a dirty closet? Not on your life!

Step 2: Sort, Purge, Try On!

Regardless of the size of your closet or how you started this part will be the same. You should have four boxes that are labeled “toss”, “garage sale”, “charity”, and “another room”.

Okay, now you will start sorting into your various boxes what you have pulled out of your closet. This is the time to try on your clothes. See what fits,what doesn’t. Put to the side what you want to keep. We will deal with those things later.

Back to the sort.

Don’t forget to try on shoes also. Ladies (and some Men!) I know how hard shoes are, but take baby steps in this area.

Think realisticly about your clothes and shoes. Only 20% of it is worn 80% of the time. If you are 10 years out of highschool and still have clothes that you wore in highschool it is time to get rid of these!

Take out any items that don’t belong in your bedroom closet. If you have a item in your closet that needs to stay, but don’t have anywhere else to put it, then it can go back in once you finish step 2.

Step 3: Time To Put It Back Together!

So you have everything sorted and purged and you have saved only the things you can wear now and love. Great! Pat yourself on the back. The hardest part is behind you and now it is time to put it back together.

Sidebar: This would be a good time to look for products to house your newly organized items. May I suggest these helpful items for your closet:

A Home Basics 6 Hook Over The Door Hanger will help you to keep some of your everyday use items at arms length when getting ready in the morning.

Lynk Closet Doubler is always a good way to get extra space out of small or large closets.

When putting things back in work low and go high. This is because you do not want to be trying to put shoes in order up under hanging clothes. Or anything else for that matter.

Okay, back to the closet!

Once you have what you want at the bottom you can start hanging clothes. Now with hanging clothes you have several options.

  1. Option 1: Color Code
  2. Option 2: By Season
  3. Option 3: By Type
  4. Option 4: All of the Above

Some people like to color code their clothes because it is easiest for them to find outfits by color. If you organize your clothes by season, you can put two seasons at a time in your closet and store the other two seasons in a extra closet or basement or a attic in a Organize It All Storage Wardrobe.

To organize by type you need to define what types you want to use. Examples of types would be dresses, skirts, short sleeves, long sleeves, pants, suits,and cotton or silk,etc. This method is extremely helpful when picking out outfits.

You also have the option of using some or all of the above. Whatever works for you is the point. So experiment and see what works.

Okay, once clothes are hanged, you need to continue putting things away on the topshelf. Use the topshelf for out of season items or items not used often.

You will also need to find a place to put away purses and ties. A few that I like are:

Step 4: Relax

Once you have finished putting everything back in your closet sit back and relax! Whether it took you five hours or five days be proud of your accomplishment. Enjoy your newly organized closet. But, remember that up keep is half the battle. Spend five minutes a day making sure that everything is where it should be. Pick up the clothes, put up the purses, shoes, and ties. Put the dirty clothes in the hamper. Just remeber – it is easier to do five minutes maintenance than to organize the entire closet!

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How I Organized My Linen Closet In 2 Hours!

My Linen ClosetDo you have trouble organizing your linen closet? Is it too big or too small? Do you have wasted space that is not being utilized? Would you like to know how I organized my small linen closet and how you can organize your linen closet too? If you answered yes to any of these questions then keep reading. I will show you step by step how I organized my linen closet and utilized my vertical space in about 2 hours.

Some Background

I live in an old home. It’s over 80 years old. As you can imagine the closets are very small throughout the whole house. The one good thing about my linen closets in the bathrooms though are they are deep and tall.

So that leaves me with a few challenges that my clients often run into. 1) What can I do with all this wasted space? and 2) How can I maximize the height?

Your in luck! Today I will share with you my step by step of how I solved both problems in my own linen closet and how you can do the same thing. So let’s get into it.

Step By Step Instructions

My closets consist of 4 shelves. I wanted to be able to utilize how I was using each shelf for all of my needs. I also wanted to utilize the floor of the closet because it is pretty good vertical space to the first shelf.

  • So the first thing I did was take everything out of the closet. This is a vital step because you want to have a clean slate to put things back into. And you want to see what space you have to work with.
  • After I took everything out I started to throw away things that I didn’t need anymore and things that needed to go away.
  • After that I started to group everything in categories. So for example anything that had to do with first aid or medicine was one group. Lotions and body powders was another group. I had a group for makeup and a group for dental supplies. I also had a group for medicines.
  • Once everything was in a group I then went and got my storage containers that I was going to use to keep the groups together. Luckily I had some that I had been holding on to and I was able to empty out others. You may have to go and purchase some at this point if you don’t already have something to put things into.
  • Then I put everything in the containers and started putting the containers back one by one on the shelves. But I first had to decide what I wanted on each shelf. I decided to put towels and hair products on the bottom shelf. I next put medicines, first aid and dental stuff on the second shelf.
  • The third shelf I put makeup. On the fourth shelf I put excess supplies like toilet paper and air fresheners and sheets.
  • On the floor of the closet is where I put cleaning supplies for the bathroom and a space heater.

All of this took me less than two hours to complete. When I was done I let everyone see in the household how it looked and know where to put things back. I didn’t label the bins because they are clear and pretty self explanatory. By putting excess supplies on the very top shelf I am able to utilize all of that vertical space that would normally go wasted. If in the future I need more space I can just have a handyman add another shelf up top because the ceiling is tall enough in the closet.


So that is how I organized my linen closet in 2 hours. You can do it too. All you need to do is follow the simple steps of: clearing out, purging, grouping, containerizing, and putting things in place.

If you want to shave off even more time you might want to already have a plan for what you want on each shelf before you get started. Also have your containers already there or purchased and a trash bag.

How do you organize your linen closet? Let me know what tricks you use in the comments below. Until next time…