How You Can Keep A Consistent Calendar When You Like Paper & Digital Methods

How You Can Keep A Consistent Calendar When You Like Paper & Digital Methods

 I received an email from a client of mine who admitted to having a hard time being consistent about keeping a calendar and to do list because they are torn between using their phone and also wanting to write down on paper.

Q: I am inconsistent with keeping a calendar, be it paper or electronic. I can’t decide which is better for me, although I think the answer is both. I like to write (I have stickies EVERYWHERE), but then I like the reminders on my phone. I have downloaded several “to-do” apps, but can’t decide which I like best. Any suggestions?

Here is what I answered and this may help to free you also to do what is best for you and to go with your instinct.

A: I keep an electronic calendar, but I keep a paper to do list. I like to write things out too, but love the convience of having it on my phone when on the go. So decide to use both. You can use an electronic calendar, but do your to do’s on paper. You could then scan your to do list in Evernote or just take a picture of it daily so that it is with you throughout the day. This is why I like Evernote because I can take a photo of my papers that I write out and have with me on any device. Evernote is free software and has apps for every device. So use both is my recommendation. That’s how I got over feeling guilty about not using just one. I found that a combination of the two worked best for me and I think that may be the case with you too.

Key Takeaway

It is very easy to get confused and ultimately stuck when it comes to marrying digital and paper together. You hear so much advice on just pick one, but that isn’t necessarily the truth for everyone. I am quite productive using both methods because it just feels right for me. And I found a way to marry the two and never be without my information.

Which method do you prefer to keep your calendar and to-do list? Are you team paper or team digital? Let me know in the comments below.

Review: FileMaker Pro

Review: FileMaker Pro

Today I’m coming to you with a review of FileMaker Pro.  I was given a complimentary review copy of FileMaker Pro 12 about 6 months ago. Even though my copy was free I am giving you my honest opinion of this product. I also want to say that during my review of FileMaker Pro 12 a new version is now available. It is FileMaker Pro 13. The new version adds a couple of new features but the basics from version 12 remain the same.

 So let’s get into it.

My first encounter with FileMaker Pro was actually about 10 years ago. I was in charge of coming up with a solution to keep up with membership information for my organizing group. I was on a Mac at that time and bought FileMaker. I really liked that I was able to build a custom solution. Fast forward to 2014.

FileMaker has really made nice strides since then. Back then there was a learning curve, but now it is so much easier to get started.

What I Like:

  • There are QuickStart templates so you aren’t starting from scratch.
  • There is different views once inside.
  • You can keep file attachments which is great for keeping client file information together.
  • There is an app available so that you can get your  information on the go.

Below is a video of how I used the contact starter solution to organize a client’s contacts.


Other Ways I Used FileMaker Pro

I was able to do a lot of really cool things with FileMaker Pro. For instance, I was able to pull (import) in a spreadsheet that I was using to keep up with my blogging duties and info into a FileMaker Pro database. This then allowed me to be able to enter in new information in a form setting instead of as an excel spreadsheet. But that’s not all, if I wanted to still enter it in as a spreadsheet all I had to do was change the view and I could do that.

I also played around with the asset quick start template. I wanted to be able to see if I could keep my client’s contact information as well as any files associated with it. I filled out the contact form and then added in the file from my computer of a PDF that I had sent a client. I was able to look at the PDF right away once uploaded all right there with my clients other information.

There are so many ways that you can use FileMaker Pro in your business and personal life. With the easy quick start templates you are able to get started without a huge learning curve.

There really isn’t much not to like about FileMaker Pro. If you are in need of making your own custom database solution I would highly recommend checking out FileMaker Pro. For more answers to your questions of “Is this the right solution for you and your business?” click here.

A look at FileMaker Pro (click on picture to enlarge)