Review: How Freedom Filer Can Help You Get Your Files Under Control

Review: How Freedom Filer Can Help You Get Your Files Under Control

This month tax season is around the corner and many of you don’t even have a filing system set up for regular files let alone taxes. Today I want to talk with you about Freedom Filer. It is truly what its name says. I have been using this system for a few years now. I  used Paper Tiger for a long time with my business paperwork, but in 2009 a family emergency sent my papers and filing routine into limbo. What I was left with was an influx of personal papers that I needed to keep up with on a monthly basis and I needed a quick way to get everything in order. I also needed a system that was portable. As I was not able to be in my home office regularly I needed something that I could put in a tote and file effortlessly into.

A New Kind of Freedom

Enter Freedom Filer. This system was super easy to set up and was ready to go right out of the box. The only thing I needed to purchase was hanging file folders and manila folders. Because the cards are already indexed and categorized for you there was no racking my brain of what to call things and where to put them. This system can be set up in a regular filing cabinet, a file drawer, desktop file or a crate.


Freedom Filer also comes with a handy booklet to get you started and extra labels in case you want to name labels something else to truly personalize it for yourself. It also comes with helpful cards to let you know the retention period for the items that you are filing.You really can’t go wrong with the Freedom Filer. The best part of all is that every quarter or even monthly it prompts you via email to rotate your file folder to the new month. Genius!

Freedom Filer

This system is totally expandable for whatever your needs are. So if you are in need of a quick and easy filing system to set up then take a look at the Freedom Filer. For very little cost you can be up and running in no time.
Tax season is just around the corner so why not get started organizing your files for next tax season and have less stress.



Quick Overview

What I liked:

  • I really like that the tabs and labels are already made up for you which we all know is the hardest thing when it’s time to file.

Why I bought It:

  • I was turned onto it by another organizer who uses it with all of her clients. I was curious so I bought the deluxe kit and haven’t looked back.

Who Is This System Good For:

  • This system is perfect for those who like to file the old fashion way and don’t necessarily want a computer based system.

What You Will Need in Addition:

  • All you have to provide are the manila folders and hanging folders.
  • You will also either need a filing cabinet or a filing tote or box.

Until next time…

Freedom Filer




*I am an affiliate of Freedom Filer and a satisfied user.