How To Quit Making Excuses and Get Organized

How To Quit Making Excuses and Get Organized

Stop the excusesDo you know what the real problem is with getting organized? We have too much stuff! I’m willing to bet that you have some things you (or others in your household) keep without having a good enough reason. Those excuses are keeping you from the goal to get organized.

So why DO we keep so much stuff?

Here’s the thing, it’s easier to find excuses for why you should keep something and delay making a decision rather than making a firm (and sometimes hard) choice to say goodbye to your “stuff”.

Have you heard any of these…

  1. “I might need it someday.” Yes, you might. But most of the items we keep can easily be found or replaced. Lots of men keep every screw and nail created and store it away like a squirrel with his nuts. But what happens is these little tiny items create more clutter and it gets to a point where you can’t find that little screw anyway because it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.
  2. “I’m going to lose some weight and start wearing this again.” I hope if you have a goal to lose weight, you do everything in your power to make it happen. And when you do, I give you permission to go out and buy some brand new clothes. You should be proud and it’s the perfect time to reward yourself. The flip side is when people save larger sized clothes. Your goal should never be to get back in them. By getting rid of the bigger sizes you will be more determined to keep the weight off. Because who really wants to go buy bigger clothes?
  3. “So-and-so gave me this.” Ahhh, the classic. Get over it! More than likely it was a re-gift and no one is coming over your house looking for things that they have given you. With the exception of a mother-in-law or maybe grandma. Keep in mind that when you are given something YOU own it. You can do whatever you please with it. So if you no longer need or want the item you have the right to give it away or throw it away.
  4. “I paid good money for this…thing!” I’m sure you did. But what has more value…this “item” you no longer have any use for or the way you enjoy your house? The item…or your happiness? The item…or your space? Nothing keeps its value. So get that out of your mind. If you no longer use it, get rid of it.
  5. “Oh, I’m just trying to figure out what to do with it…” PROCRASTINATOR! Okay, so maybe it’s not worth holding onto. If it takes that much mental work to figure out what to do with something, you can take a pretty good guess that it may not be worth as much to you as you think. If you can’t figure out what to do with something…it’s a safe bet you won’t miss it too much. There is a lot more value in enjoying your home, your friends and your family than the “stuff” you paid for.

Stop excuses and get organized!

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GIT Podcast #001 – How To Organize Your Home: 5 Steps To Get You Started

GIT Podcast #001 – How To Organize Your Home: 5 Steps To Get You Started


So one of your goals this year is to get organized. That’s a great goal! When you are organized you can be much more productive in life. But the problem you are running into is how to get started. Have no fear I got you covered. Let me share with you some initial steps to getting organized.

Step 1: Begin with the clutter that you see everyday. This can be your kitchen, livingroom, garage or hallway closet. Once you declutter one of these areas you will be motivated to do other areas and keep the process going.

Step 2: Give a home to everything in your house. By having a place to put things back it makes it easier for your family members and you to put things where they belong without getting lazy and leaving it where it lies. And when you are assigning a home to everything make sure that you have the proper storage for those items.

Step 3: Use hooks. Put hooks at your front entrance so that you can hang your keys and purse there. You will always know where these things are and not running around the house looking for them.

Step 4: Set up a basket for incoming mail. Mail is still the biggest bugaboo for many people. There are many ways to stop incoming junk mail, but for what you do get you need to have a designated spot for it all when it comes in. Don’t walk mail around the house. When you get it you should take the time right then and there to make a decision of what to do with it. Should it be filed, should it be tossed, should it be shredded, or do you need to reply or do something with the information inside. Making these decisions right then and there will help to keep the paper mail monster at bay.

Step 5: Get rid of no longer wanted or needed things. Go through expired coupons, old magazines, old medicines. All of these things are taking up valuable space. Don’t fall for the “I’m going to read it someday” syndrome when it comes to magazines.

Taking these simple steps will help you to begin the process of organizing. Remember it doesn’t all have to be done in a weekend, but small changes here and there do add up. So don’t get discouraged on your journey to a more organized home. An organized home helps you to have a peaceful and uncluttered mind. Until next time…