Business Office Organizing…With All Of These People?!

Business Office Organizing…With All Of These People?!

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Business office organizing is not just about getting your office in order and all paperwork filed. It goes further. When you talk about organizing your business you have to consider and calculate your return on investment (ROI). Your ROI is important in figuring out what tasks and activities you will engage in and how it will help your bottom line.
Organizing your business office can be done just as easily as organizing your home. The same principles still apply. The only difference is that you have more people that the outcome will effect.GIT Jewels 111414


• Everyone must be on board
• Systems help keep everyone organized
• Central location for files

Everyone must be on board when you are trying to get the office organized. It will take everyone’s effort to keep the system running smoothly.
Systems are things that help to automate your office. An example of a system would be having a detailed plan that tells anyone who is looking how to handle incoming customer calls. Systems entail setting up tasks that can be ran in your absence. You might have a system for handling delinquent accounts. Whatever your system is you need to have it down on paper and make sure that everyone in your company knows and understands how the system works. With a system you will be able to keep everyone organized.

GIT Jewels 111414_1
If you deal with paperwork I suggest that you keep a central filing system for company files. It is okay if your employees keep files at their desk that pertain to their particular job function, but customer and company paperwork should be kept in a central location. With one filing system in place everyone will be able to put files back where they belong. There will be no more running around looking for a customer file that someone has stashed in their office and forgot to tell anyone.

I also suggest that if you use a central filing system that you implement a check in and check out system in order to keep up with who has what file at any given time. There is nothing worse than someone having to go around the entire office and find out where a file is. That is unproductive and wastes precious time.

If you would like to learn of a system that is perfect for getting your office files organized check out MobilLogic. MobilLogic is great for marrying paper and digital files. Always know where important files are. Learn more here.

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Practical Ways To Organize Paperwork

Practical Ways To Organize Paperwork

One of the biggest complaints that I hear as an organizer is about ways to organize paperwork!

Even though we are in the information age with all of these electronics to make life simpler, all it has managed to do is create more paper. And the more paper we produce the more solutions we have to come up with to organize it.

How many of you print out your emails?

This creates more paper! Also adding to the paper mountain is junk mail and catalogs and other meaningless clutter.

How can I organize paperwork you ask?

paperworkWell, the key to organizing paperwork lies in:

  1. Handling mail as it comes in.
  2. Having a filing system.
  3. Following a retention schedule.

I also recommend to all of my clients to not go through paperwork alone. Group all your paper into a box(s). This way you can grab a box at your leisure. Go through the box while watching television or with a friend or with the kids one afternoon.

Don’t get discouraged while going through your paperwork. Organizing paperwork is the most tedious of all organizing tasks. If you do it with a friend, spouse or professional organizer it will go much faster and can even be fun.

Don’t put it off any longer. Get started now with your paper management plan!


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Organizing Small Living Spaces Can Be A Challenge…

I should know! I live in a small house and organizing small living spaces is a challenge to me at times. But with a little creativity I can show you how to organize small living spaces whether it is organizing a small house or organizing a small room or organizing a small apartment.

So let’s get into it!

It is assumed that if you have a small space you are automatically organized or that it is easier to organize. This is simply not true. When you have a small space it is harder to keep it organized because you have limited space.
I live in a 468 sq. ft. home with no closets! Can you imagine? Talk about organizing a small space. I had moved from a 900 sq. ft. townhome with closets. As you can imagine I had some major decisions to make.

When you live in a small space you are forced to decide what really matters.

Did I mention that I have a baby and two cats in this small space? It is doable and very relaxing even though I am short on space. My secret to living in harmony and clutter free is using double duty furniture and rotating pictures. I also use things in un-conventional ways.
For example, I have two night stands from a old bedroom set that I have put next to each other and put a decorative shower curtain over. It is now used to hold my television and stereo.
Small Space1
The hidden storage under the shower curtain houses my CDs, tapes, and books.
Small Space2

Always think about using furniture in different ways when you purchase items. I tell my clients that you don’t always have to go out and buy something new. Just look around your house. You may find something in the kitchen that you can use to work in your bedroom or bathroom. I use a cupboard that I used to use in my kitchen in my bathroom now.
Small Space3
I also use a wooden cd stand that is slender in nature next to my bath tub to hold other bath products and hair products.
Small Space4
I also like to rotate pictures on my walls. Let’s face it, in a small space you can’t hang every single piece of artwork that you have. By rotating photographs you always have a fresh, everchanging space. I like to keep my unused artwork behind a dresser or couch if it is against a wall and no one else will be able to see it.

In my kitchen I use wire shelving instead of conventional cabinets. This keeps it light and airy. I am able to see what I have and gain easy access. I only use one cabinet above my stove in order to house the vent system for the stove.

I hope these tips will help you if you are living in a small house or apartment situation. This just goes to show that with a little ingenuity you too can live in a small space and have style to boot!

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How To Organize A Kitchen For Maximum Efficiency

How To Organize A Kitchen For Maximum Efficiency

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How to organize a kitchen is the battle cry of many. Kitchens are said to be the heart of the home. But it can also be the catchall of the home. With the kitchen being the hub of the home, everything ends up piled or dumped waiting for some type of action. It is time to bring the kitchen back to what it’s function is…to cook and gather with family and friends.
Keep reading to learn how to organize a kitchen like a professional!

Go from this….

Unorganized Kitchen

To this!

Organized Kitchen

It is okay if you have to use your kitchen for different functions other than cooking, but you can set up different zones in order for your kitchen to flow without becoming a dumping ground.
Here are a few tips I use myself and with clients to answer the question “How to organize a kitchen?”

• Gather like items together.

• Place gadgets where you use most, not where they normally would go.

  • For example, set up a baking station with all of your baking needs together.
  • Have all of your cooking utensils next to the stove, or all of your baking pans next to the stove.

• Use floating shelves or take doors off cabinets.

You do not want to be running all across your kitchen when you are working on a cooking task.
More Helpful Kitchen Tips

  • Spice Racks – This can be used to expand your shelf space by placing spices or small cans.
  • Lazy Susan – Also can be used to expand vertical space in your cupboards and help you to see everything stacked in there.
  • Shoe Boxes – I like to use these for corralling spices, or other like items that are loose. They can also be used to hold quick snacks for the kids or to hold small recipes.

Ah, the junk drawer!

Is it okay to have a junk drawer in your kitchen? Sure, just make sure it is one and not four! Also, make sure that every now and then you purge through the junk drawer to get rid of obsolete items or things that you no longer need.

Kitchen Pantry – Organize!
You may now be asking how to organize a kitchen pantry. When I organize a kitchen pantry, I like to put like items together. I like to set it up in sections like you would see in a grocery store. It just makes it easier to find items and know what you have.
You might want to group all canned goods together. Some other categories would be pasta; condiments; baking products; soups; canned meats; beans.

TIP: This is just an idea. If you want to be even more organized label the shelves once you have finished categorizing everything. This way everyone will know where to put food back once it has been used.

Kitchen Cupboard Organizers:
Expand-a-Shelf Cabinet Organizer by Dial Industries
Enjoy extra space by using the Expand-a-Shelf Cabinet Organizer by Dial Industries. This three-tier cabinet organizer offers a personalized storage solution. This plastic storage shelf is ideal for use in cabinets, bathroom, pantry, and even the garage. The unique design of this expandable shelf gives you an unobstructed view off all contents stored on it. This white plastic construction of this cabinet organizer makes it sturdy and durable. You do not require any tools for custom fitting this cabinet organizer. This plastic storage shelf measures 4″ tall x 8″ deep & is expandable from 14″ to 27″ in width. Features:

  • Sturdy white plastic construction
  • Expandable to fit your specific needs
  • 3 tier design allows you to see all itemSize: Expands 4″tall x 14″ to 27″wide x 8″deep


  • Lazy Susan
  • Revolving Spice Rack – I personally use this myself in my small space. It is easy to get and keep my spices in one spot without using up drawers or other shelves.

Spice Rack

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How To Organize A Home Office Like A Pro!

How To Organize A Home Office Like A Pro!

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Do you want to learn how to organize a home office like a pro? Of course you do! That is why you are here right?

A home office is becoming more and more in demand and how to organize a home office is becoming a hot topic. Whether you use it to pay household bills or to run a mini enterprise, organization is key. Organizing a home office for maximum efficiency is possible with a few helpful tips.

First you need to determine what you are or will be using your home office for: paying bills or running a home business or bringing extra work home. It could be a combination of all three. Depending on use you can set up your home office in a corner or a entirely separate room.

If space is an issue use a file tote or a rolling cart to house all of your home office needs.

How To Organize A Home Office Quick Tips

  • Keep your personal and business files separate.
  • Set up a filing system – no matter what you use your office for.
  • Have all items that you need daily to work in reach.
  • Resist the urge to spread out to other areas in your home. If you are doing this you probably need to rework your office space.
  • Keep small items and office supplies in a desk drawer or other container and off your desk. This frees up valuable desk space.
  • Find one system of filing and stick with it. Don’t have two or three filing systems. You will get confused.
  • If you hate filing away your papers use a literature sorter to house your different projects.
  • Don’t forget to shop for furniture that closes up like an armoire if you can’t dedicate a entire room to your home office.
  • Organize home office papers regularly. This keeps it from piling up and taking over.


My Home Office Story

Home offices can be great for getting bills paid and knocking out extra work. I use a home office for my business and for my personal life. I keep a filing cabinet for business files and one for personal files. It is important not to mix the two if you are running a business from home. All of my daily use items are close at hand. My desks are set up in a U shape. I have a dedicated room for my office, but it is okay if you don’t have that. I use a file tote for projects that I need to carry with me downstairs and work on in order to keep an eye on my daughter.

I admit that my office gets junky and in disarray from time to time, but I take the time to go through my piles and file. I am ruthless when it comes to purging old magazines and items no longer needed. I also have to make sure that my office is baby friendly, so I can’t have hazardous piles lying about.

Whatever your home office needs are you can organize your office like a pro!

 This post originally appeared on our sister site How my office is organized now has changed as my kids have grown.