Filing Systems Rule The World!

Filing Systems Rule The World!

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Okay, not really but they are important. Filing systems are the heartbeat of taming your paper clutter. You don’t need an extravagant system in order to file away your important papers. Anything can be used to start a system. Below are a few of my favorites that I use with my clients. (In no particular order!)

1. Freedom Filer

I have just started to implement this filing system for my personal files. I was turned onto it by another organizer who uses it with all of her clients. I was curious so I bought the deluxe kit and haven’t looked back. I really like that the tabs and labels are already made up for you which we all know is the hardest thing when it’s time to file. All you have to provide are the manilla folders and hanging folders.

This system can be set up in a regular filing cabinet, a file drawer, desktop file or a crate. It comes with helpful cards to let you know the retention period for the items that you are filing.

I also get email reminders to change out my folders and to purge. To learn more about this amazing filing system click the link below.


This system is perfect for those who like to file the old fashion way and don’t necessarily want a computer based system. This system is totally expandable for whatever your needs are.


2. Paper Tiger

I personally use this program in my home office and my personal files too. I find it to be a great organizing tool for people who don’t like to file because of having to alphabetize or make new file folders with names.

I have used this system with my clients who have ADD/ADHD. It works great for them because they can file according to number and use the keyword feature to name the file inside the numbers whatever they like. Because of the option of using it on your computer or printing out the file index, filing for anyone who just doesn’t have time has become a whole lot easier.

Paper Tiger can be used to organize just about anything from books to CDs and whatever you might want. Using the numbering system, you can set up files for each project if you wish. The possibilities are endless.

Find anything in your office in 5 SECONDS or less – Guaranteed!

Now they have an online option that links up with Google Docs!



3. Home File

This is a really neat system. My mother uses this system because she is chronically disorganized and she likes how simple it is to use. The Home File system uses printed divider cards that can be used with hanging file folders and manila folders. Categories are printed right on the divider with instructions for what to file and what not to file in this category. It also tells you how long to retain the information that you file away. Genius! This is great for financial filing and home filing. Filing2









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 This post originally appeared on our sister site  
Practical Ways To Organize Paperwork

Practical Ways To Organize Paperwork

One of the biggest complaints that I hear as an organizer is about ways to organize paperwork!

Even though we are in the information age with all of these electronics to make life simpler, all it has managed to do is create more paper. And the more paper we produce the more solutions we have to come up with to organize it.

How many of you print out your emails?

This creates more paper! Also adding to the paper mountain is junk mail and catalogs and other meaningless clutter.

How can I organize paperwork you ask?

paperworkWell, the key to organizing paperwork lies in:

  1. Handling mail as it comes in.
  2. Having a filing system.
  3. Following a retention schedule.

I also recommend to all of my clients to not go through paperwork alone. Group all your paper into a box(s). This way you can grab a box at your leisure. Go through the box while watching television or with a friend or with the kids one afternoon.

Don’t get discouraged while going through your paperwork. Organizing paperwork is the most tedious of all organizing tasks. If you do it with a friend, spouse or professional organizer it will go much faster and can even be fun.

Don’t put it off any longer. Get started now with your paper management plan!


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How To Organize A Home Office Like A Pro!

How To Organize A Home Office Like A Pro!

 This post originally appeared on our sister site  

Do you want to learn how to organize a home office like a pro? Of course you do! That is why you are here right?

A home office is becoming more and more in demand and how to organize a home office is becoming a hot topic. Whether you use it to pay household bills or to run a mini enterprise, organization is key. Organizing a home office for maximum efficiency is possible with a few helpful tips.

First you need to determine what you are or will be using your home office for: paying bills or running a home business or bringing extra work home. It could be a combination of all three. Depending on use you can set up your home office in a corner or a entirely separate room.

If space is an issue use a file tote or a rolling cart to house all of your home office needs.

How To Organize A Home Office Quick Tips

  • Keep your personal and business files separate.
  • Set up a filing system – no matter what you use your office for.
  • Have all items that you need daily to work in reach.
  • Resist the urge to spread out to other areas in your home. If you are doing this you probably need to rework your office space.
  • Keep small items and office supplies in a desk drawer or other container and off your desk. This frees up valuable desk space.
  • Find one system of filing and stick with it. Don’t have two or three filing systems. You will get confused.
  • If you hate filing away your papers use a literature sorter to house your different projects.
  • Don’t forget to shop for furniture that closes up like an armoire if you can’t dedicate a entire room to your home office.
  • Organize home office papers regularly. This keeps it from piling up and taking over.


My Home Office Story

Home offices can be great for getting bills paid and knocking out extra work. I use a home office for my business and for my personal life. I keep a filing cabinet for business files and one for personal files. It is important not to mix the two if you are running a business from home. All of my daily use items are close at hand. My desks are set up in a U shape. I have a dedicated room for my office, but it is okay if you don’t have that. I use a file tote for projects that I need to carry with me downstairs and work on in order to keep an eye on my daughter.

I admit that my office gets junky and in disarray from time to time, but I take the time to go through my piles and file. I am ruthless when it comes to purging old magazines and items no longer needed. I also have to make sure that my office is baby friendly, so I can’t have hazardous piles lying about.

Whatever your home office needs are you can organize your office like a pro!

 This post originally appeared on our sister site How my office is organized now has changed as my kids have grown.  
How To Set Up A Mobile Home Office

How To Set Up A Mobile Home Office

My mobile home office

I work from home and even though I have a dedicated home office I find that sometimes I need to work in other areas of the house. In the Summer my office gets very hot. I live in an old home with just window air conditioners, so that really doesn’t cut it in the Summer.

That’s when I move to the dining room in my home and set up a mobile home office. I found a great way to have just the things I need and not clutter up my dining room with office stuff. So here is my step by step for setting up a mobile home office.

  • Step 1 – decide what you need to do your work efficiently.
    • Of course you will need your laptop. You will also need some type of filing system. You will also need basic office supplies.
  • Step 2 – gather your supplies and get to organizing.
    • I used a shoebox container to house my office supplies. I also used a file box to put my working files in. And the piece de resistance is how I repurposed a rolling printer cart to hold the whole operation. My laptops fit nicely on top and my filing box and office supply box fit nicely on the bottom shelves. If I need more room to write I can move the smaller laptop to a bottom shelf and then I have writing room.
  • Step 3 – get to work.
    • When I am ready to work I just roll the cart to me and get started. As you can see in the picture I have a wicker chair that I can pull up that is the perfect height. I really like the rolling printer cart because I can roll it out when needed and then roll it away when not in use. It has a small foot print so it doesn’t take up too much space in the dining room.
My mobile office corner

The great thing about this set up is when I want a little more space I just move my laptop to the dining room table and get busy. But the nice thing is all of my supplies and clutter stays on the rolling cart so I don’t pile up the table. When I am ready to go back to my dedicated office in the Winter it is so easy for me to just pick up my portable items and carry them back to the office.

You can use many different types of totes and bins to have a portable mobile office. Here are just a few ideas:

As you can see it is easy to set up a mobile home office anywhere in your home that isn’t an eyesore. If you are in need of a change of scenery or don’t have a dedicated office in your home, set up a mobile home office instead.


Mobile home office

Fits nicely anywhere!