Review: 30 Days to Christmas (Procrastinator’s Edition)

Review: 30 Days to Christmas (Procrastinator’s Edition)

I am a procrastinator when it comes to Christmas and any Holiday in general. I’m the one running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to find those elusive items on my daughters’ wish lists. And I just didn’t suddenly start procrastinating when I had kids.

It seems like it’s some kind of family tradition handed down from my mom to do Christmas shopping last minute. Maybe it’s because I don’t really like to shop that I put things off. But you would think that would spur me on to get it done as early as possible.

But alas no.

So when I came across ListPlanIt and Jennifer’s 100 Days series, I was intrigued. I have been a user of the List Plan It site for a long time. Any type of list you want they have.

But back to Christmas planning.

I was sent a review copy last year of List Plan It’s 100 Days to Christmas ebook. While I found it helpful and chock full of lists and guidance to help me through the holidays, it was too long of a time for me to plan out. I don’t usually plan that far ahead. After all I’m a “spur of the moment” girl.

But then they came out with the 30 Days to Christmas ebook. Now that’s right up my alley! I can plan a month in advance, especially if I have daily step by step instructions. Which is what this guide offers.

And….it’s the PROCRASTINATOR’S edition. Hello? Yes, that’s me!

So Jennifer sent me a review copy and I just say I love the format and how she lays out what you need to be concentrating on daily. It even includes checklists at the end for every checklist that she recommends you use for your planning.

Whether you want to print out the lists and put them in your binder or fill it out within the ebook and have it on your phone or tablet, this planner will keep you organized. I was able to fill in the lists right on my iPad. Jennifer even helps you prepare for Thanksgiving.

All in all I love this helpful ebook and think you will too. And it won’t break the bank.

So let’s run down the deets.

Who Is This Guide For

  • Last minute planners.
  • People who have started planning, but need a kick in the pants.
  • Non-planners who need a plan.

What Will You Learn

  • A breakdown of the most important tasks in the 30 days leading up to Christmas.
  • The days span November 25 to December 25.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • The digital edition is only $8.

They also have a Facebook page where you can hang out and get advice from other procrastinators, ahem, I mean planners :-). Check in daily to keep on track with that days tasks.

Here’s an excerpt:

30 Days to Christmas: Procrastinator’s Edition excerpt

If you are interested in getting your hands on your own ebook GRAB YOUR COPY NOW by clicking the image below.




*I am a ListPlanIt affiliate. Membership Review

Get Organized for a New Year with ListPlanItAs you all know I love making list. They really keep me organized and keeps my brain from getting overloaded. Well last month I was given an opportunity to try a monthly membership with ListPlanIt. I have used many of ListPlanIt’s products before. I use their planning ePlanner for business and home. I also have their business ePlanner.

What I like about the monthly membership:
What I really like about the monthly membership is the ability to print off one list at a time to use. With the ePlanners you have a whole package of lists, but you have to tell your printer which part of it you want to print or if you want to print the whole thing. With the monthly membership you fill in and print just what you need. No muss, no fuss. You can also print off one particular list and fill it in later or download the list to your computer to fill in later and print.

What I like about the ePlanners:
What I like about the ePlanners is the ability to have all of my lists for a specific category. Like I use the business eplanner and it has every list you can imagine for planning different elements of your business. If you need a bulk pack of related lists then the eplanners are the way to go. It saves you searching time. I also like that you can print out the whole thing and it contains helpful articles too. I started using a clipboard again because of the great article included in the planning ePlanner.

Below I show you how easy it is to log in and get to your list with a monthly membership.

All in all you can’t go wrong with ListPlanIt. They really do have a list for everything and they are always adding more every month. Soon they will even have a mobile membership so that you can take your list on the go with you. I’m really excited for this feature.

100 Days of a New Year eBookWhile you are on be sure to check out their newest ebook called 100 Days of a New Year. This ebook features guidance and inspiration daily to help you navigate through the first part of this new year. It also includes 75 lists and worksheets to help you organize every area of your life. Just click the book to learn more!

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Full disclosure: I am a affiliate. This means that if you decide to buy one of their products I make a small commission on the sale. I was provided a free monthly membership for a year to give my honest review. I have given my honest review above and in no way swayed by the free membership. I also have purchased several products with them in the past and will continue to do so because I love what they offer and have always received great customer service.