Rainy Day Organizing Tips

Rainy Day Organizing Tips

We have a lot of rainy days in Nashville. For some they would want to crawl back into bed and take a nice long nap. But I choose instead to knock out some of the more boring tasks in my business on those days by organizing my digital files on my computer.

This isn’t a terribly exciting thing to do. And most people would find it down right boring. But on rainy days you can put on a little music and put your timer on for 1 hour and go through your computer files and see what you need and don’t need anymore.

rainydayorganizing.pngHere are 5 things you can do on rainy days to organize your computer:

  1. Clean out your installed programs. I will be getting a new computer soon so I want to see what I have installed on my current computer and what I don’t need anymore.
  2. Organize your file folders on your computer. Try to organize them and name them like you would a physical file cabinet. Use broad folder names.
  3. Organize the pictures on your hard drive. Do you have duplicates? Can you upload them to Picasa, Flickr or an external hard drive? Get rid of any that you don’t need.
  4. Backup your computer. There is no time like the present to make sure that all of your files are backed up. At least take the time to schedule a backup on your computer. It’s very easy to do.
  5. Organize the bookmarks in your web browser. You may have some that you no longer care about. The website that you bookmarked may even have shut down. I ran into that recently. It’s a good idea to purge through your bookmarks just like anything else from time to time.

Well that’s it. You don’t have to do all of it today or in one day. Just pick one thing from the list and get started. Just an hour or two will put you far ahead of the game than you were before.

7 Organizing Tips for the Busy Mom

7 Organizing Tips for the Busy Mom

It can be hard as a busy Mom to be organized. Especially when the kids are running around and it doesn’t feel like there is enough hours in the day. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can get started organizing with just a little bit of work every day. Below I share with you my 7 steps to getting organized.

1. Identify Problems

The first thing you need to do is identify the problem areas. I like to go around the house and identify the areas that are bothering me the most and why.

2. Set Goals

Once you have done that you can put down your goals for each area. This is a good way to get the entire family involved also. Ask everyone what they would like to see for each area. It is important to get their input because if you don’t consider how they move through the space then your efforts will quickly be in vain as things return to how they were.

3. Plan

Then it is time to plan. If you don’t have a plan you won’t go far. Many people skip this step and just want to jump right into the doing. But this is what leads to overwhelm. If you don’t have a plan then you don’t know where to start and if you don’t know where to start then you will quickly do nothing.

4. Assign an Area

Each person can be assigned an area in the home to get organized. This helps to break up the monumental task that is ahead of you into nice bite sized pieces that everyone can handle. Plus each person will have ownership in what was done and be more likely to keep their area clean and organized.

5. Schedule Time

Scheduling time to actually get the organizing done can be a bit tricky with everyone’s schedule, but you can just let each person put on a calendar a time and day they plan to tackle their area. You can also plan organizing with your family every weekend. It can even be on a Friday night for like an hour or two where everyone works on their area.This is a fun way to spend family time and to get your organizing done.

6. Setup Routine Maintenance

Once you have your areas organized you are going to have to set up regular maintenance in order to keep it that way. The good news is that this is the easy part. It doesn’t have to take a very long time to maintain an already organized area. As little as 15 minutes a day or about an hour a week and your on easy street. The key is to make sure whatever time you commit to that you follow through with it every day or week. This will instill a habit.

7. Enjoy a Stress Free Life

This is the best part of the steps. Once you have organized your home and you are keeping it maintained as a family you now have more time to enjoy your home and each other as a result. Instead of spending wasted time worrying about the mess you can focus your attention on more fun things, more peaceful things.

I hope that these steps will help you to become a more organized homemaker and that you see it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or confusing. With a little planning and help from your family and a little bit each day you can have a organized home.


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Envision Success!

Envision Success!

Helpful TipsToday’s quick tip that I wanted to share with you is about envisioning your success when it comes to your organizing goals. Take a listen to the audio to find out more.

When it comes to getting organized the best thing that you can do for yourself is to envision the end result. Visualize what success looks like for you and your home. When you start with the end in mind you are more likely to reach that end result. Today I want you to sit down and think about one area that you want to get organized. When you have done that then I want you to write or find a representative picture of how you want that area to look like when you finish. Then you need to make plans to start and don’t give up until your area looks like what you envisioned! I hope this quick tip will help motivate you to successfully organize your home. Until next time…

10 Tips For A Great School Year


Photo by ilco @ sxc.hu. Modified by Samantha Pointer.

Now that school has started back you may be overwhelmed about the thought of all the incoming papers and dates that you will have to keep up with. But don’t worry. I am going to share with you my top 10 tips for having a great school year.

If you follow these tips you are sure to get off to a great start and a more sane year.

  1. Have a place for all incoming school papers.
  2. Sit down and go over the school calendar and put all relevant dates into your calendar.
  3. Have a routine for doing homework and checking it with your child.
  4. Make sure all papers are signed and homework placed back into your kid(s) backpack.
  5. Pack lunches the night before. Or at least put ingredients together and into sandwich bags so that it can just be taken out and placed in lunch bag in the morning.
  6. Set out school clothes the night before. If you can pick out clothes for the whole week and set it out even better.
  7. Have a GO Station near the door where you put back packs, coats and anything else that needs to go back to school with your kid(s).
  8. Keep the lines of communication open with your child’s teacher.
  9. Be as involved as you can with your child’s school.
  10. Set academic goals for your child at home in addition to the ones set by the school. And hold your child accountable for your goals at home for him or her.

If you do these 10 things you are guaranteed to have a great and productive school year.

Until next time….