Using Habit Streak to Stay on Track

Written by Samantha Pointer

On June 7, 2013
Habit Streak


I used to be an iPhone user. I know, I know. Don’t go running for the hills now that I have gone over to the “dark side”. It’s really not like that. But since I was changing platforms I had to find apps that had an android version or a comparable substitute for the iPhone version that I was using.

On my iPhone I was using the reminders app to keep me in line with what I needed to be doing daily. But I needed something that would hold me more accountable for what I wanted to build a habit on daily not just reminders and so my search began.

That is when I stumbled across the Habit Streak app in the Google Play store. I was intrigued and so I downloaded it and put it through its paces. Since it takes 21 days to form a habit I was really pleased to see that in this app I am able to track my progress on anything I am trying to form a habit for and if I fall off the wagon it lets me restart. Now that is very encouraging because most people just give up and never restart if they don’t stick to something for 21 days. Well with Habit Streak you will not have that problem.

Easy Setup

Habit Streak is easy to use and easy to set up. You can use the built in timer to give you a daily reminder to check in and check off your completed habits. You can put in pretty much any habit that you are trying to form. Whether that is exercise everyday or brushing your teeth twice a day. Don’t overload it though with habits. You want to start out small and master those habits, not try to conquer 20 habits a day.

They encourage you to express each habit or question that you put in as a positive goal. And they also stress that this app is for building up a habit not reminding you of things like your calendar would do. I think this is very important to remember so that you can be successful at using this app and not getting disappointed because you put the wrong type of information in it.

Magic Bullet?

As great as this app is it is not a magic bullet. You have to actually use it to be helpful. It can be really easy to just check “I Did These” to everything when the reminder pops up and you haven’t really done anything. I have caught myself doing that a couple of times. When this happens I just hit the reset button on the habits I am trying to form and start again. I also evaluate what I have on my list to see if it is really a habit that I am committed to growing or if it is just a temporary phase that I was going through.

There’s a Version for You

I am still using the free version of this app, but you can upgrade to pro for about $2.99 and will be able to do much more with it. And good news iPhone fans there is an iPhone version of the app so you can try it too. (By the way I still have an iPad Mini so I am not completely out of the fold 🙂 ).

So if you want to build up a habit and be held accountable for it I encourage you to try out Habit Streak . Start with one or two habits that you would like to form and see how it goes.



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