Using a vision board is a great way to stay focused and accomplish your goals. My vision board contains goals and milestones I want to accomplish in my life. But you can have a vision board about anything. You can create a vision board to help you reach the goal of organizing your home. You can create a vision board to help you plow through that project that you have been putting off. Whatever it is I encourage you to create a vision board in order to reach that goal you have set.


I just completed my vision board for 2015 that is in my iBloom Life & Business Planner You can see the unboxing here( I am really excited about this year’s board because I will have my vision board with me at all times as I tote my planner around. I have no choice but to look at it every day and be reminded of what I am trying to accomplish this year. Usually my vision board would have long term goals on it, and I still have my original board that has those long term goals. But this vision board in my planner is specifically things to motivate me this year to accomplish the goals that I have set forth for this year. I have also included a lot of affirmations and quotes that I am aspiring to or want to keep in my remembrance.


Vision Board


As you can see there is no set way to do a vision board. You can do what speaks to you and what will keep you engaged to actually look at it daily. I have included a picture of my 2015 vision board and I hope that it inspires you to create one of your own. Whether it be long or short term goals use this powerful visual aid to accomplish all that you want in life.

Vision Board2



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