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You deserve to have a thriving business without sacrificing your personal life & sanity. We help Women Business Owners, Professional Service Providers and CEOs strategize, setup and implement automated systems customized for your business. Stop “manually” running your business. Getting started is easy. Click the button to learn more. 


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February 10, 2021


December 24, 2020


July 30, 2020


About Me.

Samantha Pointer Foxx, is a Automation Service provider & owner of Samantha Pointer Enterprises formerly Get IT Together! and founder of Sam’s Tech Academy. She helps women business owners, professional service providers and CEOs who are ready to get automated but don’t have the time, patience or tech “know how” to make it happen. Samantha has over 22 years of experience in running and owning a business.

Word On The Street...

Andrea H.


" After a session with Samantha, your clarity on how tech platforms speak to each other provoke any entrepreneur new to systems to take action."

Kelly K.

Professional Speaker/ Leadership Coach

" She is worth the time if you need help with your technology!!"

Kealie W.

Professional Organizer

"Going out on your own can be overwhelming in so many ways, especially as you are determining your technology, tools, and systems. Too many options! Samantha's insight and knowledge was instrumental in my decisions and I now feel I have a strong foundation for success."

India B.

Insurance Agent

"Samantha Pointer was an absolute pleasure to work with... I implemented her suggestions and got immediate results... she's amazing..."

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