Need Help Automating Your “Busy Work”?

You deserve to have a thriving small business without sacrificing your personal life & sanity. We provide Done-For-You services to help you setup systems, templates, documentation, training and tools so you can focus on what YOU do best. Stop “manually” running your business and let’s get you automated. Getting started is as easy as clicking the Get Quick Start Tech Session button.

How I Can Help

Not sure what your business needs right now, but know you need to do something different? Take a look at the services I offer and how I can help your business get automated and systematized. Click the button below.

Automate Your Business Without Tech Overwhelm!

Do you want to automate and have heard about it, but don’t know where to start or what to do first? You may even consider yourself a DIYer and are on a tight budget. Then you want to check out this training on getting automated. This is the first step in getting a basic understanding of what is available to your business.

Get Started Now!

Are you chomping at the bit to get automated? You recognize that you needed this like yesterday & you’re ready to find out what are your next steps in working with me. Then just click the button below to get on a call with me. Just choose what day you would like to chat and we will talk about what specifically your business needs are and how I can be of service to you.

Phenomenal insight and and detailed in tech directives. Tech strategies are comfortably easy to understand. After a session with Samantha, your clarity on how tech platforms speak to each other provoke any entrepreneur new to systems to take action. She meets you at your level and then gives you the tools to level up. Thank you Samantha for everything. If you are a new entrepreneur overwhelmed with tech, Samantha is your Coach.

Andrea HopwoodAndrea H.

Samantha did an AWESOME job during our one-hour session today. We got through all of my current WordPress questions and issues and we even had time to address a few other things as well. Samantha is kind and patient and such fun to work with. I highly recommend her!

Barb E.

Samantha Pointer was an absolute pleasure to work with... I implemented her suggestions and got immediate results... she's amazing...

India BrownIndia B.

I've personally worked with Samantha Pointer. I call her a true friend and business partner. She is worth the time if you need help with your technology!!

Kelly K.

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