August 26

CEO’s: Stop Doing Everything Yourself

Today I want to address something that has really been bothering me for a while and what I’ve been observing. It’s CEOs doing things in their business that they should hire out or have someone else do. 

You know what I'm talking about…trying to learn the latest tech tool and implementing it themselves; building their own website or landing page; trying to understand things that have literally taken professionals years and tons of money to learn and then getting frustrated or upset because they can’t seem to grasp it in 30 minutes. 

The list goes on and on. But you get my point. These are things that should be outsourced to professionals. 

You shouldn’t be wasting time trying to do mundane tasks or learning the latest tool for marketing your business. As the CEO, you are the visionary; your time is best spent communicating your vision and ensuring you have the right people to execute it. If you are a Coach or Consultant your time should be spent coaching. If you sell products your time should be spent coming up with new ideas or how to make the product you sell better. 

Some CEOs are great at selling and acquiring new clients. But that doesn’t mean they should be putting the tech system in place to automate the customer journey. So I’m giving you permission today to take off the “EVERYTHING, I CAN DO IT ALL AND NO ONE CAN DO IT AS GOOD AS ME” hat and go book a Technology Breakthrough Session so I can help relieve some stress by taking over the responsibility of setting up your marketing and sales systems. 

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Your sanity will thank you for it!

About the author 

Samantha Pointer, CASP™

As an Automation Bridge Certified Automation Service Provider™, Samantha Pointer holds the expertise to implement automated marketing and sales systems in your business with the highest level of excellence. Ms. Pointer has been personally trained by the founder Chris L. Davis on his proprietary framework to quickly scale businesses with automated systems.

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