June 1

My Interview with GoSolo: Hello Efficiency

As a small business owner, I was thrilled to be interviewed by GoSolo, a platform that celebrates and supports solopreneurs and small business owners, last month. Through their “GoSolo Story” interview series, they aim to showcase the personal journeys and experiences of entrepreneurs, while also sharing tips and advice for others in similar positions.

What is a GoSolo Story?

A “Go Solo Story” is an interview series they host, where they feature small business entrepreneurs and founders.

My Interview Experience

During my interview with GoSolo, I had the opportunity to reflect on my personal journey as an entrepreneur. I shared my experiences building my business, the challenges I faced along the way, and the lessons I learned. It was a chance to celebrate my accomplishments and also acknowledge the hard work and dedication it took to get to where I am today.

Additionally, I was able to share some of my top tips for other small business owners.

The Wrap Up

Overall, my experience with GoSolo was incredibly positive. It was refreshing to connect with a platform that truly values and celebrates the experiences of small business owners.

If you're interested in learning more about my journey as a small business owner, I encourage you to read my full interview on the GoSolo platform. You can find it here or tap the button below (It's a quick 3 minute read 😊).

You can also follow GoSolo on their socials.

Instagram: @subkit

LinkedIn: @subkit

Twitter: @wearesubkit

About the author 

Samantha Pointer, CASP™

As an Automation Bridge Certified Automation Service Provider™, Samantha Pointer holds the expertise to implement automated marketing and sales systems in your business with the highest level of excellence. Ms. Pointer has been personally trained by the founder Chris L. Davis on his proprietary framework to quickly scale businesses with automated systems.

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