June 6

Website Down, Marketing Down…Or is it?

Have you ever launched a new landing page or lead magnet (freebie) or sales page and it breaks your whole site?

No, just me? Lol.

Or maybe you have new service offerings or it’s been a while since your website has had a facelift. But you hate those ugly coming soon pages especially if you have been around for a while and people come to your site regularly. 

Well if you had a Marketing Layer you wouldn’t have to worry about these things AND you would be able to launch your new product, service, or lead magnet quickly without having to mess with your main website. 

Today I want to talk about something I get asked a lot about by my clients. And that is what is a Marketing Layer?  

A Marketing Layer in simple terms is a separate site that houses all of your landing pages, sales pages, and anything that has to do with marketing for your business or company.

A Marketing Layer is a separate layer to your website that is dedicated to only landing pages. So if your website goes down or needs to be redeveloped, your landing pages remain untouched, which means your marketing is always running.


Why We Use A Marketing Layer

Because if your website is down, your marketing is down.

Say your website is under construction. You need a way to generate leads. Traditionally if all of your landing pages are on the main site, then you can't generate leads until it is back up.

That's why we use a separate WordPress installation, because if it's on your website if your website goes down or needs to be updated, then your marketing goes down. And the Marketing Layer ensures that it's 100% operational, 100% of the time.

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This also means if you ever want to update your main website, you don't have to worry about people landing on your sales page or opt-in pages while making updates only to get a “sorry this website is in maintenance right now” or the dreaded 404 page.

It keeps things nice and tidy and your marketing doesn't stop.

That's as far as I will go with the technical piece. (Don't worry, my company handles the technicalities for you 😉)

If you want to get a Marketing Layer setup for your business, head over to https://organizingguru.com/15, and let's chat about getting you set up.

Be sure to check out this podcast episode by my Mentor Chris L. Davis breaking down his approach to a Marketing Layer (the one I follow and execute for my clients) and why EVERY business should have this in place.

About the author 

Samantha Pointer, CASP™

As an Automation Bridge Certified Automation Service Provider™, Samantha Pointer holds the expertise to implement automated marketing and sales systems in your business with the highest level of excellence. Ms. Pointer has been personally trained by the founder Chris L. Davis on his proprietary framework to quickly scale businesses with automated systems.

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