#TechChat Random Chat

Written by Samantha Pointer

On January 6, 2018

In this #TechChat I discuss automation and my end of year procedures. I also touch on what you should be doing too in your business. I answer questions about doing Holiday advertisements and campaigns and how to automate that process. The importance of doing tech evaluations.

I also give general automation tips as I am asked questions by the viewing audience. So pull up a chair, get your favorite drink and take good notes.


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  • Great! Started eating already.

  • And I’m not going out into that madness

  • I’m working on a training program I’m in

  • That was from the PC. Now I’m on my phone

  • That’s why we have you. Lol

  • I don’t know where I would be without you.

  • That’s so true and that’s what I teach my clients. Learn the basics

  • What would you say is a good place to start with automation?

  • You use a Social Media planner, which one?

  • Would you suggest that instead of Hootesuit

  • Right. I’m on paid Hootesuit now

  • They made me upgrade to include more SM streams

  • So do you recommend doing an automation and systems evaluation at the end of the year

  • That’s neat, that’s meet Edgar?

  • Do you offer a package to help entrepreneurs with that evaluation?

  • We’re doing my evaluation next week….yayyy!

  • YASSS! Double our income!

  • Next Tech Chat: Automating Your Email Process

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