The Importance of Automation at Live Events

Written by Samantha Pointer

On May 7, 2018

You can eliminate chaos by using the right tool in the right situation. At conferences and workshops you have a heck of a lot more people than you would normally have. That’s why it is so important that you put the right payment automation tools in place at your live events. Check out the video below and scroll down for further information on how I can help your business get the right systems in place.

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Benefits of Having Automation Tools in Place:

Security – Taking sensitive info by paper can put you and your customer at risk for data breach. Only if you are entering the form in right away should you use this method. Paper can be misplaced and walked away with.

Human Error – If you can’t read my handwriting or you mix up some numbers on the form. Guess what? I just walked away with your product without paying. Especially if you can’t read my phone number to call and get the right info. That’s why having an electronic way to capture information cuts down on the human error factor and makes getting people through a line very fast and efficient.

Avoid Chaos – this is the biggest one for me. You have tons of people at a conference and usually not long enough breaks to go purchase and get back in your seat. So why not make it easier with an electronic automated system so people can get their product and back to their seat without having long lines or confusion on who just purchased what and who has been helped.

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Follow-Up – This is the most important. When I buy something I want a immediate receipt. I also want some type of acknowledgement of what is to come. Like a welcome or thanks. Especially if it is a big ticket item. Just saying.

But you can’t do this if you don’t have a system in place to capture emails or to automate when orders come in. This leaves the customer feeling some type of way because they might go home and have buyers remorse and ask for a refund especially if it takes you days to reach out.

“So what should you put in place?” – I’m glad you asked. You should have some way to take payments and physical and email address. You should have your email system set up where it automatically triggers an email sequence once an order has been received. You should have a a system that automatically kicks a receipt to said email also.

I’m going to do a special training in my Digitally You with Samantha group where I will break down what payment systems to use where. If you wan’t to be there when it drops just request to join at

If you need help putting these systems in place I invite you to a strategy call at and let’s discuss what type of system your business needs at this point and how I can help make that happen.

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    especially if you’re selling a book. You can’t autograph books and take payments

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    I will use that in September!

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    Which is what I’m doing…pre-autographing my books.

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    Good idea Lady Helen

  • Is that the Square app or Square Cash app?

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    And make sure you get their email address…so many people miss this.

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    The Square chip reader is only $79

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